Military Recruitment Propaganda

The following was an old blog post of mine from June 2010 originally titled, “National Guard Music Video Recruitment Propaganda.” The only changes to it are that half of the embedded videos have been updated due to the fact that the original ones were taken off of YouTube, and that some grammatical errors have also been corrected.

In between bouts of attempting to behave as a product of the Establishment, I noticed that whenever I went with friends to a movie theater or watched cable (which is nearly always a bad idea because the typical content usually sucks donkey balls), there seemed to be a steady flow of “advertisements” (re: unabashed propaganda) aimed at recruiting naive youngsters into the military. These usually took the form of National Guard spots, appealing to one’s sense of patriotism (which more closely resembled Naomi Wolf‘s concept of “false patriotism”). In other words, they are a neoconservative‘s wet dream. But the PR people decided to spice up the propaganda since support for the Iraqi occupation as well as for the Afghan suppression has been plummeting due to the overly protracted, nebulous policy goals began by Bush II, and unfortunately, continued wholeheartedly by Obama.


The first one here is Kid Rock’s “Warrior.”


Overall, a good attempt at mass mind control. Hell, if I wasn’t aware of the common public sentiment opposing imperialistic wars of oppression against innocent foreigners (or if I had decided to become intentionally ignorant of that fact in order to support my illogical belief system, like many conservatives still unfortunately do), I’d say the American people were still behind the doublethink notion of “spreading democracy” while carpet bombing, random imprisoning, and torture-murdering the native population to death.

You just gotta love the messages spewed throughout the advert; sounds akin to the kind of mindless mantras plastered on those office motivational posters (such as “Be the Bridge: Problems Become Opportunities When the Right People Join Together”). “I am a Member of a Team,” “I Will Always Place the Mission First,” “I Will Never Accept Defeat,” “I Will Never Quit,” “I Give All of Myself,” and my personal favorite (because of the blatant hypocrisy), “I am the Guardian of Freedom.” Yeah, right… more like a low-level sheeple herder who also keeps an eye on those opium fields. Don’t forget now, the troops must protect another of the CIA‘s huge sources of income. 😉

More revealing that the written messages, if anything, are the lyrics, and more importantly, the visuals. Kid Rock begins by belching, “Don’t tell me who’s right or wrong when liberty starts slipping away…” Mr. Rock knows as much about liberty as Colin Powell knows about how to avoid perjuring himself. The music video opens with the comparative imaging of a NASCAR driver with a National Guard soldier. In no particular order, there are images of squads running around with weapons drawn, busting down doors and throwing off blankets revealing cached rifles (ironically similar to the very firearms the soldiers are carrying), Hurricane Katrina-like efforts to support what appears to be a levy in the rain, a caravan of machine gun turrent carrying humvees with attack helicopters above invading a Middle Eastern village, the comparison of the waving checkered NASCAR racing flag to American flag waved during a veterans’ parade, and a soldier kicking a ball back to a child of Middle Eastern lineage, who both smile at each other.

Obviously, the imagery primarily refers to the Afghan & Iraqi occupations, selling you the notion that the military-industrial complex is really benefiting the locals instead of squashing them (interestingly, there are no references to Abu Gharib or the “Collateral Murder” air strike), not to mention the vast mineral deposits or the oil pipeline into the Caspian Sea. These images perpetuate a viscious lie not only upon the American people, but also against the Afghan & Iraqi populations, who since 9/11, the former has lost 4,000+ & the latter 1,000,000+ of their peoples, respectively.


Here is Alex Jones culture jamming the “Warrior” music video.


Besides ridiculing Kid Rock’s “vocalizations” (if you could call it that), Mr. Jones points out many topics that are just as relevant but not even alluded to (or purposefully misrepresented) in the original music video. Problems such as cutting veterans’ benefits, depleted uranium exposure, soft-kill smallpox & anthrax vaccines containing cancer viruses, domestic firearms confiscation training, and the recruitment of naive kids into the military are mentioned. Analyzing the social archetyping, he exposes the portrayal of the soldiers as being “everything cool,” “training to fight Al-Qaeda,” and “it’s just like playing video games.” Unfortunately, Mr. Jones is absolutely correct on each and every point, thereby dissuading me completely from any tiny inkling of interest I had left in joining the military (although I used to be aiming for the Marine Corps). This culture jamming testifies to the Pentagon’s consistent behavioral pattern of using the mainstream media to deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate the public on matters of national security and foreign policy.


Here is Three Doors Down’s “Citizen Soldier” music video.


Again, the same office motivational posters sayings of “I Will Always Place the Mission First,” and “I Will Never Accept Defeat” are present. Newer ones include “I Fired the Shot that Started a Nation [actually, the British fired first],” “I am an Expert and a Professional [or would that be a mercenary?],” “I Stormed the Beach at Normandy [only because FDR had advance knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack, which he allowed to occur as the pretext for America to enter WWII],” “I Will Never Quit,” “I Will Never Leave a Fallen Comrade,” “We are Free Because of the Brave,” “I’ll Be There to Help [with gun confiscations],” and my personal favorite, “I Comfort My Neighbors [with FEMA camps].”

The imagery alternates between colonial Minutemen pitted against redcoats, WWII soldiers at Normandy, National Guardsmen in the wreckage of a natural disaster, and other modern soldiers in a Black Hawk Down-esqe setting. Essentially, the National Guard is saying that they used to fight against the British Empire and the National Socialist war machine, but now they fight “terrorism” and natural disasters. At least before they had something resembling real armies instead of imaginary boogymen and the weather. Notice also how the Minutemen are hiding in the trench (vis-a-vis WWI) while the redcoats are proudly marching in formation.

But even with the American Revolution and World War II, it is never commonly mentioned that both sides in each war were funded by internationally-based bankers. Ever since the country began, there has been the ceaseless plea to not have America taken over by foreign offshore banking cartels. The European rejection of colonial scrip, as Benjamin Franklin mentioned in his memoirs, was “probably the primary cause of the [American] Revolution.” Never mind the fact that the international bankers supported both the Allies and the Axis, particularly through IG Farben as well as the Rockefeller family’s US Standard Oil Company patent on an exclusive additive for the Luftwaffe, which made the London bombings (among other such raids) possible. What makes you think they decided to turn down the always highly profitable enterprise of protracted, never ending warfare from the invasions and subsequent occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, which were the manifestations of the unwinnable War on Terror? It was the best damned invention to date, upping the ante from the Vietnam debacle.


Finally, here is the culture jamming version of the “Citizen Soldier” music video, courtesy of


Some of the footage is spliced from two ads that depict people getting abducted from their homes and stashed onto trucks as well as people getting offloaded from trains and separated from their loved ones accompanied with the title shot “The Holocaust Happened to People Like Us.” Other footage is taken from the latter half of a ~15 min. short film, “Land of the Free,” which depicts the unorganized militia defending themselves from DHS stormtroopers SWAT-teaming a neighborhood in the attempt to round up all of the residents who are to be shipped off to interrogation camps. The last section of interspersed footage is that of colonial Minutemen (absent the redcoats) marching proudly in formation amongst very close explosions to the beat of a drum (embossed with the Don’t Tread on Me logo and Gadsden snake), eventually breaking into a charge, some of them carrying the colonial American and Gadsden flags.

This culture jam is highly dissimilar form the original “Citizen Soldier” music video. Gone are the empty motivational posters (except possibly for “I’ll Be Right Here”), replaced by a 3%-er portrait that mocks the Left-Right Paradigm as well as the continued balkinization of the American mainline public. There is also a disclaimer at the end, right before the credits, that requests a return to the Constitution by our elected officials. Among the 4 videos, this is the only one to actually mention the Constitution in any manner. More revealing in the official music videos are the motivational-like sayings of “I Will Always Put the Mission First,” yet no mention of the Constitution or even the rule of law, such as refusing to obey unlawful orders. At that point, the OathKeepers would have to be more genuinely patriotic that the National Guard, who seem to blindly follow orders (and brag about their ability to do so) just like the Third Reich’s unsuccessful attempt to excuse themselves from war crimes at Nuremburg.

These music videos and their parallel culture jamming equivalents demonstrate the widening gap between the controlled mainstream press and the emerging alternative media. The former is dedicated to packaging the coolness of empire while the latter shatters that illusion. These videos prove that the matrix of disinformation is alive and well, but also that there are those resisting the matrix with some level of success. Only time will tell how this media war will eventually turn out.

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