How to Defeat the New World Order

The following is the transcript of a vlog of mine originally titled, “5 Solutions in 6 Minutes.”


Greetings! SleepySalsa here.

This is a video response to James Corbett’s “How to Defeat the New World Order.” Given the immensity of this topic, I have considered my suggestions for resisting tyranny very carefully. As per Mr. Corbett’s preference for a short time span, but also considering tackling the immensity of the most monstrously evil machine in the history of the human species, I felt that a Top 10 list would be too long. The best compromise I invented was a Top 5 Action List; however, keep in mind that the following suggestions assume that the audience has already been deprogrammed (or “woken up”) and has been actively involved in both open source intelligence gathering and dissemination, the latter of which ideally through culture jamming. This list is intended for those who feel that they need to do more than citizen-journalism in order to even have a modicum of a chance in beating the globalists at their own game. These activities are intentionally non-dependent on the political process, for they focus mainly on economic solutions that can begin being implemented today.

There are 2 basic strategies as well as the 2 different orientations that accompany these 5 solutions. The first strategy is the Time Capsule Strategy, where quite literally information is archived and preserved for historical reasons independent of the Internet. The other strategy is the Alternate Parallel Civilization Strategy. Under this, you essentially establish a civilization of your own design within your local community that provides both a stable economic infrastructure as well as mutual defense. Obviously, the Time Capsule and Alternate Parallel Civilization strategies can be used separately by themselves or in tandem. The orientations to the 5 solutions are absolute individualism and the community/individual balance. I prefer the latter since it provides the best benefits of a community while simultaneously limits the costs of a small collective unit. While absolute individualism might work, the main pitfalls lie in the high lack of labor specialization and availability, the lack of adequate defense, as well as an economic system reduced to preserved assets stagnation.

Having laid the ground rules, here are the 5 solutions:

1. Archive all relevant political and military, books, articles, podcasts, documentaries etc. in both digital and hard copy formats, when applicable. The idea here is to preserve the information independent of the Internet for the education and use not only of those in the present, but also for future generations, so that they will know what happened and why when the relatively free flow of information is overtly and ruthlessly suppressed. This solution abides most strongly with the Time Capsule Strategy whereby when the SHTF, there is a preserved written, audio, and video record.

2. Recruit likeminded people into a community of trust, especially with the establishment of a local currency and concomitant bartering system. Since this is more in line with the Alternate Parallel Civilization Strategy, other people are required to pull this off to a very high degree. Convincing even the most libertarian of folks to more or less abandon using Federal Reserve notes is easier said than done. For those interested in pursuing absolute individualism, I would recommend instead to only invest in gold, silver, land, and other tangible assets of positive value while ignoring other people.

3. Caching a minimum 1 year supply of food and water for each family member. This method is used to counteract the immediate effects of societal collapse that the globalists know will further their depopulation agenda, especially through concentration camps. Don’t forget to label the date of when the items were bought and to rotate as needed.

4. Learn survivalist, homesteading, and tradecraft skills that are to be practiced and possibly implemented if the SHTF. This is more reserved for staying alive longer when the immediate effects of collapse have subsided. This solution is more focused on establishing the economic infrastructure, labor availability and specialization, and overall self-sustainability to counteract the long-term effects of collapse when they have become manifested.

5. Learn military skills. Implementing the previous 4 solutions is pointless if you are susceptible to the whims of both looters and government thugs. Again, the community/individual approach fairs better here because you would already have a de facto militia system in place. I recommend learning first how to transform your body into a “lean, mean, fighting machine,” which is to be followed by martial arts training and practicing parkour. This is then rounded out by learning gunsmithing, marksmanship, and CQB. I must stress though that strength and training are useless without discipline.

Those are my 5 solutions for eventually defeating the New World Order. Remember, rhetoric without action is simply slothful cowardliness. If we are to regain our liberties, a self-liberating people must take the initiative against the globalists by strengthening local autonomy in every way.

Thanks for listening.

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