Waking Up & Staying Awake

The following is a transcript of a vlog of mine, originally titled, “SleepySalsa on Waking Up & Staying Awake.” Grammar and sentence structure has been altered so as to be easier to read, albeit the content is the same.

Have you ever noticed that people in certain circles never seem to define their terms of what it means to be “awakened?” They never seem to define the term, or any of the related lingo (such as the “cattle,” the “zombies,” those who are “asleep,” the “awakened,” the “enlightened”). So, I am going to attempt do to that right now.

It is important that when people talk to each other, they first define their terms. This is important in order to avoid miscommunication at the very least, and balkinization at the very worst. I can’t tell you how many times something bad happened in a live chat because people were using the same word with different meanings. So, let’s try and define what being “awakened” actually means.

One school of thought maintains a sort of quasi-religious connotation with it, in that folks who are “awakened” try to proselytize or otherwise persuade those who are not awake into recognizing problems that do exist, or to perceive something that those who are asleep are already familiar with, but in a different way (especially if that different way is in some way nefarious).

Another school of thought maintains that it has to deal with ignorance, not so much belief, in that the more “awakened” you are, that means the more knowledgeable you are, and not just in a general sense, but in a more specific sense about what’s really important. So, according to the ignorance school, you take something like 9/11 (an event that those who are asleep are familiar with) and you attempt to explain to them how the official story is not true. Now, those from the more quasi-religious proselytizing school would mention that you need to become “awakened” so as to recognize your true potential and whatnot. A lot of that is going around with the “sovereign citizen” and Freeman-on-the-Land types, as well as InfoWarriors of very kind of background.

Then there is the think-for-yourself crowd, which basically maintains that as long as you think for yourself and you don’t take anything at face value and you double check claims (and the sources of those claims on your own), you’re basically a skeptic. Therefore, that means you are “awake,” in that you’re not gullibly accepting everything that’s being told to you. So, here you have three schools of thought on what constitutes those who are awakened: the quasi-religious sense, the ignorance folks, and then the skeptics.

I would also submit another possible meaning to what it means to be awakened, and I think it has a large part to do with self-confidence. You can really only tell if a public servant is lying when you can actually rationally reason it out and whatnot. Now, it some ways it’s actually easier to tell what it means to not be awakened, if anything, which, of course, is not really intellectually honest, that is, defining something that exists by what it is not. I can tell you what being awakened most likely is not: it is not arrogance, it is not narcissism, it’s more of a realization of the cold hard facts, and getting access to those facts is very much a journey. Then, of course, there is the almost bigger question of what to do with those facts, which almost nobody talks about (except for a few).

Certain folks would also maintain that being “awakened” is a subjective thing, especially if you apply the quasi-religious school meaning of the term. The one problem of determining if someone is awake or not is that it is not something that is objectively defined. Unlike the Boy Scout rank requirements (where you read what the requirements are, you understand what it means, you go perform it, and then get it signed off), being awakened is not a step-by-step program. It is much more similar to a subjective process of finding yourself. There is nothing wrong with that, but in terms of what it is, being awakened is not anything akin to following a ten-step recovery program.

Another aspect that almost nobody talks about is that “waking up” is not done in the same way (most of the time). Some people start off with one issue (like anything monetarily related), then they progress to other things (such as the food, false flag terrorism, etcetera). Other people start off with other issues and then they progress to the ones I just mentioned about, and every other possible combination in between.

I should mention that there was a lady who went by the handle of fckuvrymch (“fuck you very much”) who mentioned something quite interesting. She noticed that there was a lot of substance abuse among those who were awakened. Now, again the question of how many or in what proportions of those who are awakened are engaging in some form of substance abuse is something I don’t want to get into, because it’s all speculative anyway. The point though was that she noticed that there was noticeable amount of those folks who were doing that. Fckuvrymch surmised that they were committing substance abuse because it was very hard dealing with the truth, or at least if not with the truth, with more accurate information.

And of course, that dovetails quite nicely into what is the truth, which is an eternal philosophical question. You know, a lot of the “awakened” people will tell you that they are “telling you the truth, they are telling you the ABSOLUTE truth.” Really all they can tell you is what they honestly think is most likely true, according to the information they have at the time. I’m not saying it’s not possible to know what objective reality is (it is definitely possible), but the problem we’re running into here is that as human beings, we are fallible creatures; so if there was a problem with our reasoning or with our source information, then the conclusions we come to are going to be incorrect to begin with. For example, Socrates and other philosophers have mentioned that knowing the truth is more of a journey (“it’s not the destination, it’s the journey”), and that you are supposed to refine your techniques and your reasoning so that it is cogent and not fallacious. Also, even I can understand why for certain folks, who haven’t been doing this very long, who suddenly understand the nature of situation we are all suffering under can be quite alarmed (to say the least).

I guess the closest definition to being awakened is that quite literally, you know there is a wider world out there, you know that everything you’re being told is not accurate for one reason or another, and that it is YOUR JOB to find out what that is. And that’s really all being “awakened” does mean. That way you reconcile the quasi-religious school with the ignorance school as well as the skeptic school. All you really know is that you’re being lied to; that is the one common trait of every single awakened person I’ve come across, (and this applies to myself as well), in that we all know we are all being lied to. We know it for certain based on our experience and our reasoning and the facts we have at our disposal; WE ARE BEING LIED TO. The second that clicks, it doesn’t matter what subjects you start looking into, it doesn’t matter if some of you disagree with each other. What matters is that the mainstream status quo bullshit is just that; it’s BULLSHIT! And really, I think that is what being “awakened” really entails is that you know you’re being lied to, and then you progress to the next step of looking into various different matters for yourself and really only trusting what your rational, reasoning mind can conceive of. So, I guess I come from a little bit more of the skeptic school there. If you think you have a different understanding of what the term “awakened” means, please feel free to leave a comment below (and keep it respectful, guys).

But, of course, the bigger question is, “What are you gonna do, now that you are awakened?” Also keep in mind, for those of you who like to actively reach out to those whom you still consider “asleep,” “zombies,” “cattle,” (or whatever term you prefer to use), just keep in mind that you’re not going to be able to save everybody. Even before you start doing anything, regardless of what methods you choose or not to use, just in terms of probability, it’s impossible to save everybody because not everybody wants to be saved. Not everybody cares about truth, freedom, love, beauty; lots of people just don’t care. Basically, as long as they have their xBox, their SUV, and their fast food, they are just going hunky-dory (and of course, the ability to pay for those things).

I would like to humbly submit for your consideration the idea that unless you’re living in an area where the cultural climate is at least open-minded, if not already somewhat sympathetic, to just not bother. The only areas I’ve ever worked in are those that are either apathetic, or are overtly hostile. Again, handing out leaflets, DVDs, and putting up posters in an area where, quite literally, your stuff is gonna get taken down anywhere between 5 minutes and 48 hours, is almost not worth it. I’m not saying to give up, I’m simply suggesting that might not be the best use of your time and resources.

However, if you are operating in an area where the cultural climate is, again, at least open-minded, if not already somewhat sympathetic, then by all means those are the areas you need to hand out DVDs and put up posters and all that good stuff. But I would agree with what Alan Watt mentioned in that there are certain people whom you just can’t reach out to; the programming just runs too deeply. Even he suggested that you should ask for someone’s opinion on some sort of subject, and then try to gauge their answer as to whether it is a rudimentary television type answer, or whether it is something that sparks of their own opinion. Obviously, if it is the latter case, then you have an opportunity to possibly work with this person. You either discover that they are either in fact already awakened or you go about more intensively to work on that one individual to help them become awakened. You see, when the general public watches protests (or people screaming through a bullhorn), they either don’t care (and thus view it as a form of entertainment), or they view you folks as a bunch of trouble-making rabble rousers that block traffic (even if you’re not actually blocking traffic).

Now, as far as methods goes, I do think it is a good idea to have folks who are newly awakened to study and then practice their propaganda techniques. It’s fairly simple and straightforward (it’s not too too complicated), and it’s a kind of litmus test or initiation into gauging how dedicated they are (or aren’t, as the case may be). Some people are awakened but they are too scared to do anything other than read a couple things, realize they are being lied to, don’t believe anything the Establishment says, and then leave it at that and don’t do anything more (they certainly wouldn’t write a blog post). Those would be one of the kinds of people you really should be reaching out towards, if anything, are those people who are already awakened, but who are too scared to actually act on their awakening. They’re too fearful. They’re scared that Big Brother is going to surveillance them or otherwise collect information on them and make life hard and possibly illegally and unlawfully invade the sanctity of their homes and kick down their doors and whatnot. If anything, those of you who are already awakened and active should reach out to the folks who are awakened but otherwise inactive.

Then, of course, your other group of people you would reach out to are those in the general public who inhabit a local atmosphere where they are at least open-minded, if not already somewhat sympathetic. I would HIGHLY suggest that you folks stay away from other people that are apathetic or overtly hostile (or even just willfully ignorant). There is really only so much you can do that spending your entire life attempting to wake up the masses in order to “awaken more people” would have been time better spent doing else (like investing in solar panels, for instance).

You see, this is why I made that video series, “Suggestions for Resisting Tyranny” is that I am appealing directly to the folks who are already awakened or consider themselves so. I am not trying to awaken the masses. I am not trying to recruit the masses. I am not trying to get them to do anything. What I am all about is working with like-minded individuals; that’s it! I do not care about the do-nothing people who like to stick their head in the sand and pretend “everything is ok,” when it’s not. I do not care about the ignoramuses who are more than happy to let the Establishment run roughshod over our people. If you are awakened and active, and you want to be more effective in your activities, then definitely watch my stuff and see if there is anything you can extract from my content that you can use. Great, that’s why I make them, so you guys can actually benefit from them!

Now, yes, I do “news & analysis” stuff from time to time, and that’s partially the function of The Last Bastille series, but really, that’s tertiary at best. I’m more really focused on the “problem-solving” stuff as well as on the philosophical material and other similar things. Also, tutorial videos, I also focus on that as well. But my whole orientation is not to put together one more alternative media outlet, per se. What I am all about is figuring out is what methods work, and what methods don’t work, as well as to flush out philosophical gaps that other people just don’t mention. I’m basically the photo negative, if you will. For example, if Alex Jones doesn’t talk about the “sovereign citizen” and Freeman-on-the-Land types, I will. If David Icke doesn’t talk about the survival related stuff, I’m gonna do it. If James Corbett doesn’t talk about the militias, I’m gonna talk about it. Basically, I am trying to fill in the gaps, that is where I am coming from, and some of the gaps are more philosophically minded ones (which is why I make videos like this one), and then there are the gaps that are the more technical information.

No doubt you’ve seen several of my Boy Scout Basic Training videos, where I am cooking a scrambled egg, I’m tying knots, or I put together a very simple first aid kit. These kinds of things are talked about by some people who don’t even know what they hell they’re talking about and are learning themselves; they have no previous experience and the next thing you know, they are putting together absolutely huge “personal” first aid kits. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here. What I am trying to do is quite simple gather together the information that already exists, but it’s more or less under the surface and only mentioned in a couple places here and there (a few podcasts a few Internet shows & a few forum postings) and I am trying to give it a typology. This is what scientists do when they are trying to form classification systems for phenomenon that they are observing. I am trying to give a typology to the Liberty Movement. Not that there is anything wrong with the more ethereal, mystical, and spiritual oriented folks, but quite literally there needs to be the more hardcore scientific orientation, and Stefan Molyneux (God bless him!) is one of those people that does do that.

If you know that there is something fundamentally wrong with this society, this culture, whatever the hell you wanna call it, and that it is rotten down to its core, and that we’ve been consistently and systematically lied to, and that the information exists about most likely actually occurred with a variety of subjects, then most likely, YOU ARE THE AWAKENED.

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