Internal Balkanization (Infighting)

The following is a transcript of a vlog of mine, originally titled, “SleepySalsa on Internal Balkanization.” Grammar and sentence structure have been altered so as to be easier to read, although the content is the same.


Greetings, SleepySalsa here.

You know, people have been asking me why I haven’t been making videos as of late, and the answer I have to that is, quite literally, I’ve been busy doing tons of research. I’ve been looking up a smattering of subjects, so that’s why I haven’t been making anything recently, but don’t worry, there will be more installments of Suggestions for Resisting Tyranny, there will be more installments of Boy Scout Basic Training, and there will be more episodes of The Last Bastille, so don’t worry about that.

But what I want to get to right now is that I have noticed is that, folks can’t deal with each other anymore, even folks who are like-minded (and this is even more disturbing). It’s one thing if you’re dealing with people that you inherently don’t agree with, since you don’t share the the same worldview, the same orientation, and whatnot; but it’s another thing if you’re like-minded (or you are very similar to each other or you’re virtually the same). And from what I’ve noticed, there’s been noticeable amounts of infighting in various places.

So, the infighting in the Patriot Movement has been quite noticeable and it’s not a recent phenomenon either. It’s something that’s been going on in fits and starts over many years, at least. There needs to be some sort of mechanism by which people can air their consternations and get it resolved so that other people aren’t distracted into Oprah Winfrey drama, and therefore, they can get on with the serious business of resisting tyranny, protecting their families, etcetera. Now, there are many different techiques that might in fact work to reduce internal balkinization (aka infighting). I’m not going to get into that here, but I’ll just say that it’s been one of the subjects that I’ve been researching on with intense fervor.

Arguably, the number one threat to the Patriot Movement is the infighting itself. It’s not whatever the Federal Reserve does, it’s not hyperinflation, it’s not tainted vaccines, it’s not the imperialistic wars of aggression, it’s not stuff Congress or the President does where they’re running around passing statues left and right attempting to enslave all of us; I don’t think it’s really so much that. If you can’t even talk to like-minded people with whom you are supposed to be working with, then there really is no hope. If you can, then there is a chance. It really is just that simple. I don’t see any other way out personally, unless you can.

So, again, debating about what may or may not have happened on 9/11, following the latest news threads with the new war in Libya (with the enforcement of the no-fly zone, as more milder people would refer to it as), the new radiation possibly coming here (or not coming here) courtesy of what happened in Japan, I think spending your time on that kind of subject matter right now is really DISTRACTING. There are insistent problems that need to be addressed that aren’t being addressed. There is the food storage issue, there is the growing food issue, there is the networking issue, there is the organizing groups of any kind issue (whether it’s something as mild as a book club, something as exciting as a militia, and every other type of group you can think of in between). The fundamentals are still there, and quite frankly, if there is not a way of handling internal disputes (or ideally, preventing them), then we don’t have any hope for victory, no matter how many V for Victory posters and symbols we post around.

Now, when I speak of organization, I don’t mean creating a web site, I don’t mean putting together a live chat room (whether it’s based off of Chatango or some other type of similar service), I don’t mean creating an Internet forum, I don’t mean creating yet another alternative media format. When I say organizing, I mean in the real world, physically, locally where you are. That is what I am talking about when I am mentioning about organizing groups. Now, even if you wanna spend your entire life organizing a national level group (and there’s nothing wrong with that; OathKeepers and WeAreChange have accomplished some terrific things), but if you want to devote your entire life and your sustenance to that, I would humbly suggest in your spare time to organize a local group.

And again, I’m going to be mentioning as time goes on how to go about doing that. I’m learning that myself, and I’m doing this by trial and error too; as well as asking the elders, if you will, the people that have gone before me what they have done, what their experience was, as a way partially of, I guess you could say, a type of historical research (if you actually talked with the subjects, the people who lived at that time), but also as a way of not having to reinvent the wheel. You know, if somebody else found out that something worked, then fine, you just follow that and keep doing it. If they found out something that didn’t work, you avoid it like the plague and don’t spend your time on it (like voting and protesting).

Interestingly enough, I was surprised to find out that apparently someone in my position is actually quite unusual in that I turned to the Internet because I couldn’t do anything out in the real world in my local area (right now, at least until I move). But apparently, from talking with other people and what they had to say in their various forms of media and whatnot, it would seem to be the case that the normal trend is to go through the Internet first, and then later possibly doing something physically. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the Internet by any stretch of the imagination (otherwise I wouldn’t be talking to you now via a self-made video). What I am saying is that there is a limit to what the Internet can do. The Internet can give you access to information, and this can be done a myriad of ways. If you look at my previous work, you can see several different examples of that; if you look at my future work, you’ll be able to see other examples of that. My point though is that you can’t actually do anything in reality through the Internet per se. If you’re using the Internet of moving information around or otherwise making it accessible and then people utilize that information in the real world, then that’s something good. But do you understand what I mean when I say there is a limit to what the various multi-faceted aspects of the Internet can do and not do?

Look, other people started making videos addressing infighting and I think that is a good start in the sense people are actually trying to address this problem in a serious manner in an attempt to solve it, and that is a necessary first step, just like with all the other problems of one kind or another (whether it be fluoridated water, the GMO foods, and all the other problems I mentioned earlier). Whatever it is, you have to be made aware of it first (the fact that it exists), and that it is a threat. If you don’t know that it exists, then what problem is there to solve? So, again, it is a good first step, and I applaud the people who have at least mentioned the fact internal balkinization (the infighting) is a serious threat, and I would venture that it is the number one threat to the Patriot Movement.

As I go through my research, and as I do more experiments, and as I talk with other people (the extremely few of which who are doing any sort of experiments), I’ll be more than happy to convey my findings. Make no mistake, internal balkinization will eventually manifest itself in a much larger and more menacing and more nefarious way until it has been resolved somehow and I will be more than happy to convey what methods seem to work (or at least should be tried) in an attempt to resolve those disputes, to resolve that conflict, to seek remedy. Until then, though just know for right now that it is a significant threat, it is a genuine threat, and it is an insistent threat that has not been fixed.

I don’t want to convey to you that everyone is fighting; that’s not true, everyone is not fighting. Now, we can argue all day as to the proportions of folks that are fighting (is it most of everybody, is it only a small proportion, is it about fifty-fifty; what is it?). I don’t particularly care to get into that, because that’s more or less pure speculation (unless you’re fairly experienced). What’s more important is that it is a threat in that it is insistent and that it is causing harm to folks.

The other thing that makes internal balkinization bad is that even if it’s not a threat per se (in certain cases), what it always does every single time (and this is the most concerning part) is that it very much is a distraction from other things you should be doing (whether that’s learning about another skill or whether that’s doing pretty much just about anything else). You have a very limited amount of time here on Earth; would you rather be spending time with your family, your children, and gardening and providing for your survival (by spending that time being productive), or would you rather waste it on Oprah Winfrey drama? I would venture to think that if you watch my videos and other similar people’s, you actually want to do something with your life in a positive manner.

So, for goodness’ sakes, try not to fight with other people in online forums, or in live chats (and obviously in person as well). I’m not saying you guys have to love each other per se, but you at least need to have enough goodwill to not cause balkinization. Besides, we have problems that are much more serious in other ways.

I’m SleepySalsa, and thanks for watching.

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