The following is a transcript of a vlog of mine, originally titled, “SleepySalsa on Organizing.” Grammar and sentence structure have been altered so as to be easier to read, although the content is the same.



Greetings, SleepySalsa here. Today is December 28 of 2011, and today I would like to discuss with all of you the necessity for organizing. I touched upon this topic in a previous piece of mine, which was about internal balkinization (which is known vernacularly as infighting).

If you’ve ever noticed, political dissidents of really any orientation will almost always at some point attempt to organize like-minded individuals into some sort of group. Unfortunately, where most people start off is with strictly online groups. They’ll use such websites like Facebook, or even set up their own social networking sites of various kinds. Due to the anarchic nature of the Internet itself (as well as the lack of willingness for people to actually work with each other collaboratively online in any sort of group for the most part), strictly online groups DO NOT WORK!

The one exception to this rule is (of course) Anonymous, but then again, Anonymous is not really a group, it’s more of a leaderless collective (or perhaps more accurately thought of, as a shared pseudonym). But in any respect, however you want to define Anonymous, they are not really a group.

This is not to say that you can’t find other like-minded individuals on the Internet at all. What I am saying is that you can only do that one-by-one; you can’t really gather a bunch of the ones you’ve found one-by-one and make them into a “group.”

Now, do keep in mind, that one good thing about your own group’s website is the fact that it exposes your public visibility. It also helps you attain whatever your goals are, it assists you in that; but do keep in mind, the groups I am referring here to are actual real, offline groups that just simply have a website. This is not the same thing as a strictly online group that only exists on the digital superhighway.

So, if you want to find people, preferably those like-minded individuals who happen to live outside your own local area, then yeah, definitely use the Internet and associated websites to go find those like-minded individuals one-by-one. But don’t have any illusions about trying to form a strictly online group. It does not work, it cannot work, and it will never work!

 If anyone thinks that I am wrong about this, please bring whatever evidence you have forward, and then, upon examining the evidence, we can go from there. Upon working from the evidence that I and others have access to, we have seen over & over again, you cannot have a strictly online group! What you can do is find like-minded individuals one-by-one, and subsequently talk to them (possibly do anything more than that), but you cannot have a group.

As I have mentioned before, when you are organizing groups, you actually have to have face-to-face meetings. So, yes, if you want to find certain people online that are hopefully as like-minded as you are, you can definitely do that one-on-one; that is definitely possible, but you cannot just start a website (i.e. “social network”) and then have people join and now you have a “group.” It doesn’t work like that at all. To have actual groups of any kind, you actually have to get out from behind your computer and go meet people, face-to-face.

One possible method for trying to meet people locally face-to-face is to simply go a website (I would suggest initially, and use that site as a way of finding local groups that already exist, and then for those that have meetings, go and attend one meeting and just see how they work together, observe the group dynamics work, notice what they are spending their time on and that kind of thing. If everything goes well, then fine, go off of that.

I’m SleepySalsa, and thanks for watching.

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