Never Give Up

The following was an old blog post of mine from December 2009 originally titled, “Real Life Culture Jamming Example.” All changes have been made to grammar as well as content.


Earlier today on the commute home I noticed this somewhat small sticker on the side of a gutter in the local party district (where all the bars, nightclubs, & churches are, ironically enough).



This is absolutely a despicable image. How much clearer can it be made this is none other than a celebration of death? That life is shit and not worth living? That we should allow the nearest bully to come over & make us his bitch? That we might as well become nihilistic little whining sissies, throw our hands up in the air, and frenetically screetch, “There is no solution & none of our problems can’t ever be helped”?

NO! & not just “no,” but HELL NO!!!! Life is a miracle, it is a gift and the most precious private property that EVERYONE owns! If a nation were to be proud of anything at all, it should be the self-evident fact that they are not dead yet. The razor blade connotes a suicidal bent, that is, a “sanction of the victim” would be needed not only to approve of said death sentence, but to also carry it out as the self-executioner.

I was so strongly disgusted with the mini-poster that the second I got home, I grabbed my camera and an indelible marker, and hightailed it back. After taking the first picture, I then wrote the following on the sticker and took another for posterity.



YES!!! My very first official culture jamming activity for all to see! I tried to underline “never” but it didn’t come out too well, but that’s beside the point. I transformed a message of despair, extreme pessimism, and anti-human sentiment into one of hope, optiminism, and eternal resistance to tyranny in all of its forms. The razor blade itself morphs itself from an instrument of self-oppression to one of self-preservation, the latter meaning being arguably akin to the Black Panther-esque raised fist (which interestingly enough, has been used by just about every special interest & grassroots political groups across the spectrum, including the Tea Partiers).

I just wanted to upload this quickly because I felt so strongly about it.

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2 Responses to Never Give Up

  1. flake says:

    you defaced an actual artist.

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