David Icke on Disconnecting

The following is a transcript of this video where author and lecturer David Icke suggests how people can disconnect from the reptilian brain.  Any errors in either transcription or grammar, punctuation, and/or emphasis is solely that of this humble blogger.



If you’re faced with a situation you want to change, there’s basically two main choices: you can find a solution, or you can remove the cause of the problem. Removing the cause of the problem is much more advisable and much more effective, because we can run around trying to find solutions when what we need to do is to remove the cause of the problem and then we don’t need a solution. The cause of the problem is that we have been manipulated into a five sense, body-computer-mind level of perception.

Now, what this creates is a false identity, so we look in the mirror and we think the reflection is who we are, when that the reflection is the vehicle that we’re experiencing and allowing us to experience this reality is the body-computer conduit to this virtual reality universe. If we come from that level, that false self-identity, we are going to think in terms of limitation, “I can’t, I have no power, little me, what can I do?” Therefore, we are going to look to others to protect us, to tell us what to think, and all the rest of it.

Fundamental to everything is moving our point of observation from “I am the reflection in the mirror,” to “I am Infinite Consciousness having an experience.” I am not my name. I’m not David Icke; David Icke is the name of my experience. It’s not who I am. I am all Consciousness, so are you, so is everyone listening to this program, so is everything in all existence. So once when you move that point of observation, your life starts to change. You stop thinking in terms of “I can’t,” you stop thinking in terms of limitation, and you stop thinking in terms of fear; because Consciousness in awareness of itself has nothing to fear.

One of the things I say to people is, when you are in a situation, ask yourself, “What would Consciousness do?” Would Consciousness riot because of something it doesn’t like. No. Would Consciousness fight a war? No. Would Consciousness fear authority and therefore keep its head down and its mouth shut? No. Once you come from Consciousness, that’s your level of Self; that fundamentally changes everything.

Then we need to look at taking control of the body-computer. There’s nothing wrong with it; it’s a conduit to allow us to experience this reality! Without it, we wouldn’t be doing that. What’s happened is that instead of the body-computer serving Consciousness, it’s become the governor of our perception. For genetically manipulated and other manipulated reasons, that’s exactly the position that we’re supposed to be in.

We are manipulated overwhelming through the reptilian brain. So, another way we remove the cause of the problem is to look at the traits we get from the reptilian brain, called bloody “behavior.” Having no empathy, with the consequences of our actions upon other people. So, let’s reverse that, let’s remove the cause of the problem. So, when we start to observe our behavior, when we start to fall into this lack of empathy, instead of saying when we are faced with choices or situations, “What’s the right thing to do for me?”, say, “What is the right thing to do here? What is the fair and just thing to do in this situation?” By doing that, you are disconnecting yourself from the cold-blooded “me, me, me” level of the reptilian brain’s awareness. You are logging off that particular program.

The reptilian brain perceives reality through “might is right,” through acquisition, through more & more. We can reverse that level of reaction-response, and log off from the influence of the reptilian brain on our behavior. Crucially in all this, we can stop reacting emotionally through (as scientists say about the reptilian brain and what we get from it) “primitive emotional responses.” Once we do that, instead of reacting out of fear, reacting out of flight or fight to situations that we face (be it a pandemic, a situation in our lives, “terrorism,” whatever), we calmly take a deep breath, take a step back, and look at it calmly and sensibly before we make a decision on how we are perceiving this situation. By doing that, we are disconnecting ourselves from one (if not the mechanism of human control), which is to trigger these primitive emotional responses, all of them based on fear and the survival mechanism.

Going on from that, Consciousness is always has been and always will be. Consciousness doesn’t die, just as we don’t die, we withdraw from the body-computer; that’s what we ludicrously call “death.” It’s like if I’m sitting here and I’ve finished this interview, I’ll shut the computer down and I’ll go off into the front room. Symbolically, I’ve died! Because my computer’s life force has been switched off and me (Consciousness) has left the room, has left the reality. So, Consciousness doesn’t die, Consciousness is eternal, Consciousness is all possibility, all-knowing.

So, from that point of view, why do we get caught in all these survival responses for? We have nothing to survive because there is no death. The fear of death and the survival mechanisms manifest in so many ways and trigger control in the reptilian brain. Fear of death is the classic, “Oh, doctor, save me!” That’s why we give power to doctors, the medical profession, and the transnational drug cartel is because we have this fear of death. Fear of financial problems, fear of losing your job, fear of losing your partner, fear of what people think of you; all these are expressions of the survival mechanism, which allows access to our reality and behavior responses to the reptilian brain.

So, again, deep breath, there’s nothing to survive, and Consciousness if we access it and flow with it will always provide what we need (and I know this from my own personal experience). No need to worry about it, no need to panic, no need to “oh, my goodness e, what’s going to happen?” Flow with it and know that what you need will come when you need it. Took me a long time to relax into this, but after going to the brink in my life on so many things when it was about to all collapse, and right at the moment it was about to collapse, the calvary arrived in some form. Eventually, I took the hint and I thought, “This is telling me something,” and “What is it telling me?” No need to worry about anything, and I stopped worrying, and my goodness me, how that disconnects you from these primitive emotional responses, which control us. You become laid back and at peace with self and at peace with the world. So I’m dealing right now with all this real challenging information on one level and things that are going on, but I am as calm as you can imagine. I have no fear of it, I have no panic of it or anything, because I have gone into this space of “everything will come to me as I need it,” and I am not going to worry about the future, I’m just going to live in the now. And that’s another key thing: the understanding that there is no time.

Everything happens in the now. People then say, “But there is a past.” Ok, where are you when you think of the past? Well, I’m in the now. Yeah. Where are you when you think of the future? Well, I’m in the now. Yes. The past and the future are mental constructs, which we experience in the now, and if we get sucked into the past of guilt and “what if,” we get pulled into the future, “oh, what’s going to happen? I’ve gotta, gotta, gotta…..”  and we are not living in the now and therefore we are not living in our power. I could go on & on & on, but there are so many ways that we can disconnect from this system and access our real power and then this house of cards will come tumbling down.

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