Ron Paul’s “Plan to Restore America”


Amongst all the GOP candidates in the primaries, Dr. Ron Paul is the only sane one to have emerged out of the goo that is the Republican Party. He is against the imperialistic wars of aggression, against the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank, against the surveillance police state apparatus, and is currently the most prominent statesman who champions the Constitution.

Having said that, I am skeptical as to whether getting him elected President will really ever solve anything. Unlike the farce for what passes as mainline journalism, it was never his electability that was the problem, as evidenced by his history for winning various polls as well as the sources of his campaign contributions. The main issue is what can he do once he’s in the White House? President Paul would be facing a very hostile, statist Congress AND the 1,000+ Administrative Agencies (the federal bureaucracy) who care very much about control and very little about liberty.

Additionally, I don’t think his “Plan to Restore America” can come to fruition all by itself. It assumes that not only the GOP, but more importantly, the Congress will actually doing their job of abiding by the Constitution through scaling down the power of the State. It’s kind of like attempting to join the Mafia and expecting to turn it into the United Way.

Who knows? Perhaps I am being too cynical. Perhaps a miracle can happen. Or perhaps electing even a good man to the highest office in the land is NOT how to achieve liberty. Time will tell.

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