Ron Paul Action Figures?

Now, you too can buy either the “Commander-in-Chief” or “Superman” Ron Paul action figures for the low, low price of $94.95! (Of course, factor in $7.50 for S+H; proceeds will go to the RevolutionPAC).



On Ron Paul Action Figures, the talking Ron Paul “action figure” possesses the following features:

– Full 12″ tall
– Speaks a message with button push
– Movable head, arms, hands, legs & feet
– Equipped with mini US Constitution
– Comes fully clothed
– Limited supply, instant collector’s item

I must say, what is supposed to be the Almighty Federal Constitution looks more like a school nun’s ruler; it’s almost like something out of a bad BDSM porno where he’s about to whack you over the head with it at any second. Add leather so he can beat you while you call him master!

I also have a problem with the “Superman” Ron Paul doll. It implies that he has magical powers to transform into America’s savior, which is blatantly impossible. If I dress up as Supergirl for Halloween, it doesn’t mean I can save the world, or by the same token, become a female (at least, physiologically speaking).

What Twilight Barbie dolls are to their crazed fans, these Ron Paul “action figures” are to the Paulbots (despite my affection for the poor devils). It really does remind me of those semi-popular Barack Obama dolls back in 2008. Maybe someone resembling an actual memory should mention this to the adherents of the Ron Paul Re-LOVE-ution?

The truth is, it’s just theater. Just look at the Ron Paul 2012 campaign adverts (heeeeere’s JESUS!). The only thing missing at this point is the halo for his head (as was done with Obummer). Then compare that with his performance in the Republicrat primaries. Unless Dr. Paul gets his party’s nomination, all of this effort to get him elected Prez will only amount to a total repeat of 2008. Even if he does beat Barry Obama (which shouldn’t be that hard), almost NOBODY has seriously evaluated whether the good doctor’s “Plan to Restore America” will actually work in securing our Liberties.

Unless you are planning to financially profit from buying these Ron Paul dolls now and re-selling them later at a substantial markup, I would humbly submit for your consideration the idea that perhaps it would be better to “vote with your wallet” with whatever funds you still have left and invest in precious metals. As of today, the spot price for gold is $1,786.62/oz and silver is at $37.05/oz; the so-called American dollar is rapidly being devalued and the Federal Reserve’s behavior isn’t going to change anytime soon, if ever.

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2 Responses to Ron Paul Action Figures?

  1. Joan Woller says:

    My son is retiring from the USAF the end of March,He adores Ron Paul,I would love to buy him one for his retirement but every site talks about them,but I can’t fine where to buy one,can anyone help me???? Thank u,Joan

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