Speech Jamming Gun

For those of you still in denial about just how bad the overall situation is, let add yet another data point that just might burst your fallacious bubble.

Japanese scientists Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada have invented a device that can record an individual’s voice and then play it back to them alone at an approximate 0.2 second delay. The microphone and speakers are directionally specific, and they can be aimed at the target from a distance of > 100 ft away. In this way, it is much like another well known tax cattle device, the Taser.



Some proposed uses for such an Orwellian cattle prod involve hushing library patrons and controlling meetings. Fortunately, the invention is less effective on vernacular speech, especially with regards to speech disfluency.

In Kurihara and Tsukada’s research paper, SpeechJammer – A System Utilizing Artifical Speech Disturbance with Delayed Auditory Feedback, the abstract describes how speech can be disturbed, albeit without physical pain (as if that somehow justifies the inherent nature of the device itself). Deeper into the paper, two proposed scenarios for the Speech Jammer are as a “turn-taking controller for discussions in a meeting room” and as a “portable speech-jamming gun.” Of course, there is no mention anywhere in the document about WHOM would have such an incredible level of power. Cui bono?



After spending several more pages on the technical details on how to control people, the research summary really only mentions that, “[i]n the future, we will conduct detailed evaluations of the system to clarify the relationships between various parameters of the system and its effect on the level of artificial stuttering.” Oh, that’s so nice….they need to discover even more minutia of how to more effectively manage the human herd in whatever direction they’ve already chosen for you and your family personally. Lovely, isn’t it?

This sad excuse for an invention seems as if a disgruntled Occupy Whatever organizer got fed up with his fellow protestors for failing to use the human microphone, so he goes on a power trip and attempts to construct a device (which is oddly reminiscent of other similar sound control devices invented by the military-industrial complex) that forcibly shuts people up or otherwise manipulates their ability to act in this realm of reality (in this case, physiologically). Perhaps if you well-intentioned activists were willing to act as adults by coming to terms with your own personal emotions and using parliamentary procedure at meetings, then by governing yourselves, you remove the excuses of both the Establishment and the mainline public to promote such authoritarian devices. While it is true that technology is a double-edged sword, in this case I can see no benevolent use of an instrument that is specifically designed to force people to shut up.

[Download PDF]

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  1. damn this is bad…. it will be here in the US soon 😦

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