Operation Paulcock

Just when you thought the Ron Paul Lovefest couldn’t get any weirder, this one just might top the Dr. Paul action figure dolls.



Back on January 8th, Brave New Books held a Ron Paul fundraiser and banner making event. They literally called it Operation: Paulcock, trying to refer to the World War II era Operation: Peacock. Apparently, the irony didn’t faze the Paulbots any.

Of course, the bigger question is, “Will Dr. Paul get the Republican nomination?” I think that since he is a serious candidate, and the only one that truly gives a fuck about Liberty, he should receive the GOP nomination, thus allowing him to compete against Obummer. Considering, however, his performance in the various primaries and caucuses, it would seem most likely at this time that the Establishment approved Mitt Romney will get it (unless a miracle occurs).

It sucks and it’s totally unfair, but that is the mainline political process for you. The Paulittes oh so conviently forget that the very act of voting assumes it is still possible to negotiate with hardened, psychopathic criminals. As libertarian Claire Wolfe famously quipped, “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” Perhaps we should focus on troubleshooting our political problems with “unorthodox socio-economic solutions” (or at the very least, temporary expedients).

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