The Last Bastille Podcast #45 – Activism


This week’s episode, we will explore activism. The live stream will begin on Saturday, March 17th @ 8pm EST (7pm CST). You are all welcome to call-in during that time. If you prefer to listen to it after the live broadcast, BTR will render it into a free downloadable podcast (Backup podcast).


Episode Description

History has demonstrated time and again that actual Resistances must be composed of like-minded individuals who work collaboratively with each other against the enemy. Unfortunately, whenever individuals prefer to engage in infighting, organizing them into a cohesive unit becomes a fallacious notion.

Our guest tonight is Micktrefifniner. He is an InfoWarrior, videographer, and Army veteran. We will be discussing his experiences in the Patriot Movement, his American Guerrilla Network, and what can be done to restore the Republic.

Audio clips courtesy of Wahnsin’s “Millenia,” Echo’s “Eye of the Dragon”, & Ritz190′s “That Which Speaks Victory;” all of them available pursuant to CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported.
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