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The Proof of Anarchy?

I would appreciate y’alls thoughts and comments on Stefan Molyneux‘s thesis that the State is the best example of how the stateless society can work.    

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If I Were King….

If it is true that I am the sovereign of the Nation of Me, I think a thought experiment on what I would do if I were my own monarch is in order (it’s also partially in reference to last … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Insanity

“What society once judged to be sane becomes insane, that which was previously sane becomes insane” – RandyMack

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The Last Bastille Podcast #51 – Monarchism

This week’s episode will be about monarchism. The live stream will begin on Saturday, April 28th @ 10pm EST (9pm CST). If you prefer to listen to it after the live broadcast, YHTOM will render it into a free downloadable … Continue reading

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Death of the PUC – YHTOM

I was mentioned in this YHTOM 4/8/12 (4/21/12 redo) broadcast, which examined the recent debacle concerning the utter failure of the Patriot Unity Coalition (PUC version 2.0), of which I had been a former member of as a Delegate. It … Continue reading

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Wilderness Survival

The following are the Boy Scouts of America‘s Wilderness Survival merit badge requirements.   Show that you know first aid for and how to prevent injuries or illnesses that could occur in backcountry settings, including hypothermia, heat reactions, frostbite, dehydration, … Continue reading

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Tax Day & Ostracism – YHTOM

I guest hosted this YHTOM 4/15/12 broadcast about Tax Day. It is now available as a free downloadable podcast.  

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