The Last Bastille Podcast #50 – Firearms

This week’s episode will be about firearms. The live stream will begin on Saturday, April 23rd @ 9pm EST (8pm CST). You are all welcome to call-in either via Skype  (make a request in the chat room first, please) or (615) 713-1098. If you prefer to listen to it after the live broadcast, YHTOM will render it into a free downloadable podcast.



Episode Description

People have used tools since the beginning of time.  Without them, humans would have been greatly limited in what they were able to do. Guns have granted humanity the capacity to better protect life, liberty, and property from the initiation of violence. With gunpowder came the ability to reach out and touch targets from distances previously impossible. The invention of the firearm serves to both guard and expand upon the capabilities of the free market.

Our guest tonight is Fox. He is a podcaster, vlogger, and gunsmith. Tonight, we’re going to discuss the significance of the firearm and how it works.

Audio clips courtesy of AshleyAlyse’s “A Puzzling Predicament,” and Bosa′s “King’s Quest;” both of them available pursuant to CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported.

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