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The Last Bastille Podcast #50 – Firearms

This week’s episode will be about firearms. The live stream will begin on Saturday, April 23rd @ 9pm EST (8pm CST). You are all welcome to call-in either via Skype  (make a request in the chat room first, please) or … Continue reading

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The Real Benjamin Franklin

  Many misconceptions exist about the American Founding Fathers. Some want to place them upon an altar of worship; others prefer to demonize them wholesale. Both are ignorant of the fact that the Founders were just people, and as such … Continue reading

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The Anti-Government Movement Guidebook

  “There is a movement afoot in this country today that is made up of disaffected and often dispossessed Americans who are seeking a better way through a wholesale return to their view of the past. This movement has been … Continue reading

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Official Manual of the Ohio Frontiersmen

  Declaration of the Organization “Pursuant to the Constitution of the United States, Chapter I, Section 8, and the First, Second and Ninth Amendments thereto, and to the intent of the Framers thereof, to the Constitution of the State of … Continue reading

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Consumer Society Revisted

The following article was originally published in Hack This Zine #4 “Ammo for the Info-Warrior;” it is covered under anti-(C)opyright 2006. Grammar and sentence structure have been altered so as to be easier to read, although the content is mostly … Continue reading

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Anarchism vs. Libertarianism vs. Republic – YHTOM

I was the interviewed guest for this YHTOM 4/10/12 broadcast on anarchism & libterarianism. It is now available as a free downloadable podcast.  

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“Thoughts on a Neglected Category of Social Movement Participant: The Agent Provocateur and the Informant” by Gary Marx     “This article considers the hitherto unexplored phenomenon of the informant as used by authorities in their response to social movements. … Continue reading

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