Another “Neo-Nazi” Shooting?

Whenever there is an alleged connection between American militia units and domestic National Socialists, my bullshit detector goes through the roof. The corporate whore mainstream media loves to demonize those individuals and groups who seek to secure their Liberties. Race is a favorite ping-pong ball that the enemy prefers to use in order to discredit the good guys.



The tall tale of JT Ready is a real life predictive programming case study. On one hand, he was part of a “militia” unit (which, of course, has no discernable civil authority); on the other hand, he espoused certain racial views, the rhetoric of which earned him the assorted labels of “white supremacist,” “racist,” “domestic terrorist,” and “neo-Nazi.” Regardless of what anyone thinks about the subject of race (including its existentiality), what Mr. Ready did do was advocate racially based activities. When asked in an interview about whether he was a neo-Nazi, Mr. Ready explained that calling a National Socialist (which he admits to being) a Nazi is derogatory and thereby equivalent to calling someone of African ancestral lineage by a racial slur.

American National Socialism is an intriguing little side-show in the Carnival of Distractions. While a few things they mention are good (such as the abolition of interest and the restoration of Anglo-Saxon common law), most of their “25 Points” are just plain crap, especially considering that “only those of pure White blood,” who also aren’t Jews or homosexuals may enjoy citizenship (not to say anything of their rampant statism). So, I guess mulattos, mestizos, Tejanos, Eastern Europeans (i.e. Balkins), European mutts, and anyone else who is slightly mixed or otherwise not 100% Scandinavian suddenly become “guests and must be subject to laws for aliens;” apparently, they never bothered to study the benefits of hybrid vigor. I guess this would mean that the Third Reich were “race traitors” since the existence of Black Nazis has been conclusively proven.

Ironically, the National Socialist Movement has a webpage dedicated to the Bill of Rights. According to W. Cleon Skousen in his book, “The 5,000 Year Leap,” two of the 28 great ideas from the Revolutionary era are the 6th principle, which states that “All men are created equal,” and the 7th principle that says, “The proper role of government is to protect equal rights, not provide equal things.” An ethnically based collectivist nationalism would appear to flatly contradict the individualist liberal nationalism that the Founders had advocated for during their struggle against British tyranny. Besides, it is well known that so-called neo-Nazis work with the criminal rebel government.

What I find humourous about the propaganda coverage of Mr. Ready is that all the right talking points are addressed. He was a “militia” member, he wanted to secure the southern border, he wore cammies, carried body armor, had gas masks, and bore semi-auto rifles. There were 55 gallon drums of “suspicious liquids” found in the backyard after the shooting. He held politically dissenting “extreme views,” which of course is one of the highest mortal sins against the Almighty American Imperial Establishment. He was a veteran. He attempted to get elected as the local county sheriff. And JT was a national socialist on top of it all. Notice also the legitimizing references to Establishment front organizations such as the SPLC, ADL, and the rest of the assorted alphabet soup boys. All of these factors suggest that Jason T. Ready is either controlled opposition or at least a useful idiot whose said usefulness had ceased to unwittingly serve the enemy.

At this time, it can’t be proven that JT Ready was controlled opposition since there is no evidence of payment (i.e. compensation of some kind) or whom his handlers were. What is provable is that he was so annoyingly focused on his ethnic nationalism that the corporate media couldn’t help themselves by belittling his ideology as well as using the propaganda confidence trick of guilt by association against those authentic individuals and organizations who are liberty minded. As such, Ready’s idiotic grandstanding was very useful to the rebel government in their goal of painting actual Patriots as xenophobic freaks. Such character assassinations via the association fallacy have been very instrumental to the imperial global governance structure in halting the restoration of the American Republic.

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