The Naked Communist

Subverting the very nature of humanity is a crime unparalleled by any other. Those who seek to use the coercive power of the State to enforce their own bankrupt notions about human behavior are tyrants of the highest order. Exposing them for the frauds that they are is an essential task in order to move the cause for Liberty forward.



W. Cleon Skousen’s magnum opus is a very good history of the ideological development and application of overt Communism. Karl Marx, who was an irresponsible scholar and professional bum, developed yet another rationale for how to harm individuals personally through the State, despite his alleged anti-statism. Lenin and Stalin then applied the theory of Communism empirically, which tended to involve cronyism, internal purging, and compromise to the very principles of Communism itself.

What Skousen failed to mention is that Wall Street financiers funded the Bolsheviks. When you combine this with the subsequent capitulations made by the American government for the benefit of the Soviets (and to the detriment of the Chinese Nationalists, the Hungarians, and others that Skousen does document), it does paint a pretty morbid picture of who exactly is in charge of American statism. In one sense though it shouldn’t be that surprising considering that the American mainline public is still suckered into the fraud of The Left-Right Paradigm.

Unfortunately in terms of problem-solving, the best that Skousen can scrounge up is to support the FBI in its alleged anti-subversion activities, besides scaring the pants off of parents and their children all the while the federal Congress unconstitutionally increases the power of the State in the name of “national security” (this sound familiar?). Also considering Skousen’s fervent religiousness, he thinks anyone who is uncomfortable with institutionalized, organized religion staffed by a predatory clergy is an atheist and thus susceptible to Communist persuasiveness. Besides noticing this gross oversimplification of the range of human thought, Skousen’s narrow theocratic statism seems to be targeted on fighting the proverbial boogeyman that you can never win against, instead of focusing on the very real and tangible individuals and families responsible for all this who execute their plots and schemes right here in the good ol’ USS of A (the United Socialist States of Amerikkka).

In summation, this chronology of Communism is good for its “news & analysis” characteristics, but it has less than nothing to offer in terms of what to do to remedy our situation (if anything, Skousen wants readers to do more of what is aiding and abetting the US rebel government in the first place). In light of the books I’ve read that were listed as recommended reading by various alternative media sources, I’m really starting to think that ivory tower historians make for crappy tacticians and strategists.

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