George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

Whenever the crimes of tyrants are mentioned to the mainline public, many of them will bleat that they don’t have any knowledge of it. Any claims of the malfeasance of despicable characters are exonerated by the ignoramuses who act as de facto apologists for the Establishment. With the advent of decentralized modes of data retrieval, such as private bookstores and the Internet, no more excuses exist for those who attempt to legitimize systematic criminal behavior by claiming they’ve never heard of it.



George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States, is a bankster by trade. Thanks to Prescott Bush’s Brown Brothers Harriman plutocratic network, his son was able to play at being a naval pilot, an oil landman, a Congressman, a UN ambassador, a Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman, a US ambassador to China, CIA director, Vice President, and then finally US President. What’s not commonly mentioned is that between being the Director of Central Intelligence and Reagan’s VP, Bush became the First International Bank of Houston’s executive committee chairman; simultaneously, he was also the First International Bankshares Ltd. of London’s director AND the director of First International Bankshares, Inc. (aka Interfirst), headquarted in Dallas, TX as well. Coupled with Bush’s well-known eugenicist views expressed during his congressional terms, George Bush I of the United Socialist States of America fits the typical globalist archetype.

Bush the Tyrant’s propensity for royally screwing not only opponents but also colleagues became legendary. Ralph Yarborough fortunately retained his Senate seat in 1964, but almost lost it to the Skull & Bones network’s plethora of psy op dirty tricks. Dan Aronow’s widow was ignored by Bush, which is strange considering the closeness between the two men and Aronow’s associations to the NYC/New Jersey based Genovese family and the Meyer Lansky organized crime syndicate. Lyndon LaRouche landed in jail on trumped up charges because he was a political dissident who so publicly eviscerated Bush’s image as “a good public servant.”

Bush’s complicity in both Watergate and Iran-Contra testifies to his amoral ruthlessness. The First International Bank of Houston funded the Plumbers, who were the burglars that broke into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. Lou Russell, a PI who worked for Bush, died from his second heart attack in two weeks and was buried the next day. As Vice President, Bush constructed  “working groups” such as the Special Situation Group (SSG) and it’s subsidiary, the Standing Crisis Pre-Planning Group (CPPG), whose functions were to work around the US Congress’ various Boland Amendments, which prohibited the executive branch from arming both the Iranian Khomeini regime as well as the Nicaraguan Contras.

Bush is additional proof that the American Empire possesses the costs of a monarchy and a republic without the benefits of either. King George’s framing of both Manuel Noriega of Panama and Saddam Hussein of Iraq (the latter of whom is a known CIA asset, much like “Tim Osman”) demonstrated his ability to orchestrate wars unilaterally on false pretenses without a declaration of war from the Congress, as is required by Article 1, Section 8 of the (federal) Constitution. Keep in mind that the Congress acquiesced to all of it, since it is perfectly within their purview to impeach, try, and even convict el presidente for “treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors,” pursuant to Article 2, Section 4. In a proper absolutist monarchy, had a king done what Bush did with the imperialistic wars of aggression alone, courageous citizens would have wasted no time organizing to either depose him or conduct regicide, the latter of which is the final and effective check on a monarch’s power.

While I respect Webster Tarpley’s scholarly aptitude, I cannot condone his socialistic support of another bankster president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The only real brainstorming of possible solutions, or even temporary expedients, that Tarpley mentions is early in his 600+ page tome where he hopes that by reading his biography of Bush, the populace will not reelect Bush for a second term. If that was indeed his goal, then Tarpley should be happy, since that’s exactly what happened with William Clinton’s 1992 inauguration, but I somehow doubt that Tarpley’s desire to get Bush out of the Oval Office enabled him to see far enough ahead to contemplate the unintended consequences of his narrow-minded goal.

While Tarpley’s expose on 9/11, which I have reviewed before, is quite excellent, not everyone should read this biography, since quite frankly it’s pretty goddamn depressing. Again, like Skousen, the Kennedys, and Dr. Paul, they all excel as watchdogs but inherently suck as brainstorming think tank analysts. They can document incidents and use pattern analysis to prove thematic problems, but they can’t for the life of them think their way out of a paper bag in terms of suggesting potentially viable solutions that (ideally) would give measureable results, both good and bad. This biography of George H. W. Bush is best for those who are still in the comfortable state of denial that The Left-Right Paradigm affords; otherwise, for those who are more than willing to take action, this book serves little use other than as a paperweight.

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