The Establishment enjoys deceiving, inveigling, and obfuscating the truth. Without a clear understanding of reality, and our situation, we are doomed to suffer from illusions. It is impossible to resist much of anything if you don’t know how it all hangs together.

To compartamentalize information is to fracture data amongst such disparate sources in such a manner so as to render an accurate conception of a particular phenomenon incomplete and grossly misunderstood. Compartamenalizing information is a variation on a theme of the Freemasonic “revelation of the method;” the Establishment is obligated to tell you explicitly what they are doing to you, but they allow themselves enough leeway to fracture such admissions of guilt so as to deflect accusations from the grassroots towards any one comprehensive source.

A related method of fracturing information is to vary what kind of content is sent out over which communications mediums. Generally speaking, the corporate whore mainstream media tends to be more honest in the written form than they are in the audible one, and more honest in the audible medium than they are visually. Given the disparities that arise from the varying effects of predictive programming amongst the three main communications mediums, television and movies are more effective than radio, which in turn is more effective than newspapers. Assuming this is accurate, then most of the more honest admissions of guilt are much more likely to be found in the Establishment’s own books, articles, and magazines than they are to be found in either their radio broadcasts or especially their own TV shows and movies.

A common claim used by alternative media personalities is on the one hand to say, “I’ve got the documents!” or “CNN and Fox admitted that this awful thing really did happen!,” yet simultaneously claim, “The mainstream media lies all of the time!” Such assertions without attempting to either reconcile the initial contradictions or disprove them is intellectually lazy and dishonest. What should have been mentioned right from the beginning is that yes, the mainstream media does lie most of the time (willingly and intentionally), but they will also honestly admit the Establishment’s crimes in a fractured manner, as they are required to do by their own code. No wonder many potential dissidents decide to discontinue seeing though the fog, because the inept behavior of various alternative media personalities turned them off to even trying to figure out the basics of how the Establishment really works.

The mainstream media’s use of compartmentalization is performed with the express purpose of confusing people to the point that they give up trying to understand what the hell is going on in the first place. As a fail safe, should there be people stubborn and determined enough to wade through the disinformation, consider also all the time and effort expended on that instead of on something else that methodologically would be more effective at securing our Liberties. There is a time and a place for sifting through misinformation, but not every activist needs to do that. Political dissidents would do well to heed to the economic concept of the division of labor; individuals and organizations who decide to specialize in the sifting of data from the oligopolized media do in fact save considerable manpower and increase everyone’s efficiency.

To be fair, compartamentalization as a technique is not always used for evil. The copious methods that privacy advocates suggest people use are fundamentally based in fracturing information. The critical difference here is that compartmentalization is used in this application as a technique for exercising your Liberties instead of being used for the legitimization of State power through mass deception.

In order to overcome compartamentalization, it would be best for your average citizen serf to stop consuming mainstream propaganda channels entirely and instead examine the true diversity of thought that is expressed in the alternative media. While not everything expressed is always objectively accurate, the alternative media as a whole provides a real opportunity for individuals to tackle the “Six Blind Men and the Elephant” problem. By applying your own critical faculties to a truly wide range of data, you are much more likely to arrive at realistic conclusions about the true problems that we must overcome.

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