Setting people against each other has always been a favorite pastime of the Establishment. Nothing gets control freaks more pleasurably riled up than seeing the plebian mainline public go at each other’s throats based on superficial differences. With the populace divided, the tyrants who have seized America can enjoy the spoils of what they have conquered.

The Balkans in eastern Europe is an area whose history is known for fractionalizaton of its peoples, with shifting alliances being as natural as the waves in the ocean. The Balkan Wars are the most easily demonstrable example of this, since in the First Balkan War, the Ottoman Empire was opposed by the Balkan League, but with the advent of the Second Balkan War, Bulgaria, a former member nation of the League, became opposed to its former allies, all of whom had sided with the Ottomans!

As it turns out, balkanization is not limited to nation-states. Social, political, and economic distinctions can delineate groups of people, whether real or artificial. Demographic variety is a commonly used way of categorizing individuals according to their ancestral lineage. Gender and generational disparities are also used to further classify the population. While constructing typologies is useful for understanding both the world and humanity, they are often abused by those who overemphasize the dissimilarities between such categories (for instance, pitting men against women, Africans against Europeans, the old against young, the poor against the bourgeoisie, and so on).

Illegal immigration is a fantastic contemporary example of balkanization. The corporate whore mainstream media version of reality would have you believe that since most of the illegals are mestizos (and those of European lineage are still prevalent in the ol’ USS of A), that anyone at all who is against illegal immigration is a “racist.” It’s almost as if they expect everyone to ignore the blatantly racist quasi-Mexican nationalist rhetoric coming out of La Raza, which itself is funded by the globalist Ford Foundation. Never mind the fact too that both the criminal as well as the economically desperate respective portions of the illegals are being manipulated into serving as a political tool used to break up the American tax farm into an even bigger one known as the North American Union (that is, a North American version of the European Union).

I don’t need Alex Jones to tell me that Tejanos are even more dead set against the illegals than most people of various European lineages. Native-born Americans and even naturalized immigrants commonly agree that illegal immigration, on principle, is a blatant and continual violation for what passes as the “rule of law.” Of course, the treasonous federales in the District of Criminals recently stiffed Arizona (again) when she simply tried to enforce her state-level version of the already existing federal immigration statutes. I wouldn’t be surprised, considering all the pans in the fire, if it was this particular issue that eventually makes Arizona the new Massachusetts of 1775 (it’s a good thing the Arizona Committee of Safety is already operational).

Feminism, despite its appealing attributes, does tend to balkanize women not only from men, but also from children. Most feminists are of the school of thought that is in favor of socialism, globalism, and basically every form of statism known to mankind. Some feminists, as well as stay-at-home dads, have admitted that you cannot raise a family and deal with the bullshit of the 9-5 grind that is known as a JOB (Just Over Broke). I really hope (perhaps naively) that groups such as the Association of Libertarian Feminists continue to not only push anti-statist goals, but also branch out towards a more pro-family orientation, since familial units with a molecular level bond of trust are one of the State’s biggest foes.

Liberty is for any human being who wishes to grab it, exercise it, and protect it; as I’ve said before, it is equal parts tolerance and responsibility. It is those two components that are the remedies to balkanization; by respecting the peaceful choices of others while simultaneously living with the full consequences of your own actions, tensions between supposed different “groups” of people can at least be mitigated, if not outright overcome. Uniting around a common cause for Liberty, even by incorporating the economically desperate illegals (by naturalizing some of them and forming grassroots diplomatic relations with the rest once they’ve been returned to their lands of origin) and the libertarian feminists (by emphasizing the need to oppose the State through forming durable family units), worked in 1776, and it can happen for us now provided that the will to collaborate together in resisting tyranny is stubbornly persistent.

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