No More Messiahs

“The path to hell is paved with good intentions.”

                                                                   – St. Bernard of Clairvaux (paraphrased)



It may just be that the “Ron Paul lovefest” is coming to an end. Considering Rand Paul’s betrayal of his father, as well as Ron’s deafening silence on the Romney endorsement all the while trying to recruit delegates for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, I can’t help but think I’ve been validated in triplicate, much to my own sadness. It was admittedly a wonderful dream, albeit one that would never have worked in accomplishing its goals. Infiltrating the State and then turning it into a guardian of Liberty is essentially impossible (if it were, it would’ve been possible to infiltrate the Mafia and turn it into the United Way). Seeing that the good doctor is not seeking reelection to his congressional seat, I sincerely wish him well and bid him adieu.

Charles Dyer, the July4Patriot, was found guilty of child molestation on April 19th. Besides the coincidence of that happening on Patriot’s Day, I find it quite revealing that Dyer’s liberty of due process was thoroughly and repeatedly violated (regardless of anyone’s unsubstantiated opinion about the character of the former Marine sergeant). If the accusations against him were so air tight, then it wouldn’t be a problem for the prosecution to abide by due process and nail his ass to the wall, which didn’t happen.

What occurred instead was a total carnival of botched evidence, a libelous mainstream media, and a grossly overblown manhunt. Unfortunately, his life is permanently wrecked; if he isn’t killed in prison, he will surely have a devil of a time getting work and paying his parents back, who sacrificed their life savings in order to secure legal counsel for their son. The man couldn’t even save himself, much less anyone else, and since it is impossible for him to either be exonerated by appeal or be sprung from prison and extradited to the safety of a foreign country, there is literally no way for anyone to save this Messianic Figurehead from crucifixion.

Schaeffer Cox always had ideas for how to secure our Liberties. He even gave a speech in Montana that came to be known as “The Solution.” The five parts of “The Solution” were these:

1)    Sign the Declaration

2)    Establish a call tree system

3)    Set up a local Common Law Court

4)    Form local militia units

5)    “Discover your leaders”

If you compared Cox’s “solution” with The Plan for the Restoration of Constitutional Government, there is no contest which is the superior, but for pure curiosity’s sake, let’s test Cox’s suggestions on their own merit.

The “Letter of Declaration” as a title is purely redundant; it also suffers from being single-issue instead of being more comprehensive (such as the Under One Banner petition or the Declaration of Dissolution of Government). Call tree systems like the Alaskan Liberty Bell Network, the New Hampshire Porcupine 411, or the Texan Lone Star SMART all suffer from similar problems, one of which is that they are wide open to disinformation operations since there is no internal security procedures or even a simple verification method that can discern the nature of individual voice mails before they are distributed to all the subscribers.

A brick-and-mortar Common Law Court (CLC) is a bit premature, since even most political dissidents still assume that the term “courts” only refers to the government carnival sideshows that pass for some sort of arbitration proceedings. Militia units are the in the same boat as a CLC, especially considering that both require a Committee of Safety (CoS) to be established first, which brings me to “discover your leaders.” Even though Cox danced around it, when he referred to an “executive body,” he was essentially describing a CoS in all but name, just to add to the confusion.

Cox was convicted of conspiracy to murder federal law enforcement officers and a slew of other weapons related charges nearly two months to the day after Dyer’s conviction. Despite his best attentions and various public appearances (such as being a supposed “delegate” to the abomination that was the so-called “Continental Congress ’09”), where have all his supporters gone? Where is his couple thousand some odd “militia” members? Probably most importantly, have any local CLCs been established thanks to Cox? In the absence of proof suggesting otherwise, I’m gonna venture a “no.”

I think it should be made absolutely crystal clear that a Messiah IS NOT the same as a Patriot Rockstar. Unlike a Messiah, Rockstars just want to whine, bitch, and complain about a problem while looking cool doing it; a Messiah by contrast genuinely wants to solve problems, but his proposed solutions necessarily require his constant personal intervention, thereby engendering a cult of personality. Messiahs should also not be confused with certain specialists in various endeavors; the key difference here is that the specialist trains others who then implement the respective plan and/or solutions, whereas the Messiah’s plan or solution necessitates his incessant involvement. It could also be said that an undying publicly displayed affection for some specialists could make them look like Messiahs, so be wary of both the easily swayed and those (wannabe) Rockstars who spend all their time propping up one individual, acting as if that person is going to save of us all.

So, what now? Reviewing the individual tales of such Messianic Figureheads like Ron Paul, Charles Dyer, and Schaeffer Cox, I think it is clear to see that no one Daddy figure is going to arrive on his white horse and do all the work of securing our Liberties. Methods need to be measured by their effectiveness, and plans need to be formulated and put into action. It is absolutely pitiful that this isn’t done more, either in close-knit local groups or through alternative media outlets.

Those who desire some strategy that either involves methods that don’t work or a Christ archetype are simply avoiding the responsibility necessary for self-liberation. Such cowardliness deserves to be ridiculed and ostracized from the ranks of the realistic and the brave. Participating in the Carnival of Distractions for its own sake, all the while claiming to be “fighting for freedom,” is in some ways crueler than being controlled opposition, for it demonstrates a type of mental insanity that is very difficult to overcome. If we are to move the cause for Liberty forward, let us all refuse to be suckered by the promises of all of these “Messiahs.”

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