Islam is Not the Problem

Ann Barnhardt is an up and coming Patriot Rockstar who has gained notoriety by asserting that Muslims and communists are the core enemies of the American Republic. She doesn’t particularly care for el presidente Obummer, but completely overblows his importance in the tyranny that he is an accomplice in. Her rhetoric damns the Islamic socio-political zeitgeist as a scourge that must be resisted at every step.



I just don’t see what the big fucking deal is here with this claim that Muslims are allegedly attempting to establish an American Caliphate. It’s completely unsubstantiated. Until such time that the federal court system recognizes Sharia jurisprudence, this reeks of the yet another boogeyman, much like how Al-CIA-da has been used to justice the surveillance police state apparatus.

I studied Islam during my pathetic tenure in college. Yes, there are commandments to conquer foreigners, and yes, it is really quite easy to divorce your wife (say “I divorce you” three times in a row), but Muslims must give conquered foreigners the choice to either convert, die, or submit to their authority and become second-class citizens (this is required if you are to transform an area to the dar-al-Islam) and women do retain some level of choice in regards to choosing a husband (albeit quite Victorian). Cherry-picking the most egregious acts condoned in some random religious text that even most followers don’t subscribe to today is intellectually dishonest.

Muslims, like Christians, have this tendency of getting hard-ons whenever it comes to killing and conquering a rival sect. Catholics versus Mormons, Karijite versus Ismaili….the sects name call each others as “heretics.” Why should they dislike each other so much? They pretty much like all the same stuff. For all intents and purposes, they all play on the same team! Murder, slavery, rape, and ritualistic human sacrifice are all condoned in the so-called “Holy” Bible. Whomever the real human authors happen to be, it’s pretty telling how not “all-knowing” they actually are.

Sure, Barnhardt would waste no time indulging in the junk idea of Samuel Huntington’s “clash of civilizations,” or pontificating about the evils of pedophilia, bestiality, and female genital mutilation, and then act as if only Muslims engage in those practices. Of course, this suffers from overgeneralization; as much as Barnhardt loves to talk about sin, she most obviously suffers from the sin of misplaced emphasis, for she does not account for the American, British, Canadian and other “moderate” Muslims who make it a point to not engage in pedophilia, bestiality, or female genital mutilation.

For all of her touting the glories of subsidarity, I wonder why she isn’t an absolute monarchist, which would be more in accordance with her faith. To her credit, her speech about the Vendee counterrevolutionary guerrillas was quite fascinating and well-presented. I couldn’t help but think that perhaps Barnhardt wants to become a modern day Joan of Arc; it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s looking for her own Siege of Orléans with which to really make her mark. She did mention the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve in passing; I really wished she spent much more time on that than she did with the commies, who themselves were funded by the Wall Street banksters.

So, if Barnhardt’s threat assessment sucks, what is a better one? I would venture that a bunch of imperial eugenicist bankers who have reduced the most prosperous countries in the world into Third World foreign receivership, as part of a long-term project to engage in global population reduction, by first implementing national police-state kill grids is a hell of a lot more important than some imbecile goat-fucking in West Virginia. Granted, moral depravity is nothing to be desired, but in terms of priorities, there are bigger devils to deal with first.

Given her Rockstar status, Barnhardt seems to be a very useful idiot whose purpose is to increase balkanization. As a self-professed conservative, I never heard her say anything bad about Bush II (although, to her credit, she does not take a shine to Romney, unlike that snake Rand Paul), the PATRIOT act, the TSA gropings, or any of the other grievances against the police state. If she does not speak out against Bush II or any of the other crap that happened during the ‘90s or after 9/11 that was perpetrated by the Establishment as a whole, then she is probably a stooge to sucker particularly religious people back into The Left-Right Paradigm.

If Miss Barnhardt were to truly understand the nature of the situation that we are all suffering under, then I seriously doubt she would waste two more seconds demonizing Muslims and yelling at pictures of Obummer. Despite her allusions to guerrilla warfare, I don’t see her teaching anyone about the rudimentary elements of military science. Most importantly, I doubt she truly comprehends that Liberty is equal parts Responsibility and Tolerance, the latter of which is not to be confused with passive acceptance. Until such time that abortion is compulsory (as it is in China) or that marriages are forcibly arranged by the State, she has no business appealing to the failed notion of the so-called “culture wars” that are so popular in mainline conservative mythology.

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3 Responses to Islam is Not the Problem

  1. JIDF says:

    We won’t forget what you did. Letting Martinson on your show was a big mistake. The JIDF is keeping an eye on you.

    • sleepysalsa says:

      Dear Jewish Internet Defense Force,

      I don’t understand what you implied by your very cryptic comment about how John Alan Martinson, Jr. as the interviewed guest on The Last Bastille Podcast #51 – Monarchism “was a big mistake.” He is the foremost intellectual authority within the alternative media about absolute monarchism, which was the subject of that podcast, not Judaism. His book and documentary were mentioned so as to illustrate his previous work for the purpose of letting the audience know that he just didn’t pop out of nowhere. While I would have preferred to have him not mention a certain “God’s Chosen People” as he did, I’m not going to censor his free speech liberties either; all of us suffer enough of that from the corporate whore mainstream media without us also doing it to each other.

      I also don’t understand why you didn’t comment under the blog post for that podcast, but instead under this one I did criticizing Ann Barnhardt. There is no mention of Judaism or even Israel in that article. At most, you might have a case that my use of David Dees’ illustration might be suspect; my intention was to associate the article with that graphic in terms of highlighting the foolishness of religiosity when separation of church and state is not taken seriously, since it becomes nothing more than a carnival of competing superstitions.

      I don’t appreciate how my debunking of Barnhardt’s blatant bigotry against Muslims supposedly constitutes malfeasance on my part, especially considering that most Muslims are Semites as well. Just because I don’t personally agree with your flavor of Kool-Aid doesn’t mean I won’t mythbust a random asshole on your behalf; I do take Martin Niemöller’s adage seriously. The whole point of this article was in support of anti-balkanization, and religions are one form among many with which despots use to balkanize the population against each other, instead of all of us Americans uniting together in order to actually resist tyranny. Maybe it would due you some good to study the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

      As for “keeping an eye on me,” I would invite you to view my blog as much or as little as you wish, for it is publicly available; perhaps you’ll learn something beneficial. I “won’t forget what you did” either, especially seeing that your legal statement on your About page states, “The content is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual. This site’s intention is to do no harm, to not injure others, defame, or libel.” Curiously, it also states, “All data and information provided on this site is for informational, educational, and/or entertainment purposes only.” If you are so willing, I would be more than happy to let bygones be bygones, since your comment now seems to me to be “for entertainment purposes only.”

      Rebuking Oppression on EVERY Front,


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