You Are Going to Prison

American penal institutions are world famous for having the highest incarceration rate in the world, bar none. Drug prohibition and other “victimless crimes,” alongside mandatory sentencing and so-called “three strikes laws,” are the prime factors for why the “land of the free” is anything but. As the sphere of allowed “legal” human activity consistently continues to shrink, more and more of the average American population will be seized by the jaws of the mechanistic criminal injustice monster.



Prison is hell on earth; beatings, corruption, rape…ask any prisoner whether he’s afraid of being put into a FEMA camp, and you’ll be told that instead of worrying about a potential threat, you should be more concerned about the very real threat that has been occurring, which is infinitely more dangerous to your liberties right now than some “super secret” plot of theirs to do something later. Worse yet, the prison-industrial complex profits from the “war on drugs” by having the financial incentive to incarcerate as many people as possible. These prisoners also become a source of low-cost or even free labor, unfairly perverting free market forces.

The author sets the tone for the book by declaring that his goal is to reduce pain. It doesn’t matter whether anyone is truly innocent or guilty; his sole aim is to reduce pain, and preferably, to somehow escape from this monstrous machine. He first starts off by advising readers how to behave during a police interrogation, whether it’s in the context of a traffic stop or a home invasion. Besides shutting the hell up, it is also recommended that you shower and especially shave (if the cops allow you to), since if they arrest and book you, the official mugshot they take of you is what’s going to influence the jury in terms of whether you look guilty or not.

Apparently, “lawyering up” (as it is referred to on the predictive programming cop TV shows) really does piss off flatfoots, albeit in a good way. Every other sort of technique for reducing pain, whether it is pleading insanity, needing “rehabilitation,” or getting probation, are more than fair game during the trial phase for evading or at least mitigating prison. Courtroom behavior is also covered, as are the consequences and benefits of both escape and extradition.

Getting sent up the river is when the real action begins. Arrival at the Reception Center marks entering into the gullet of the beast where prisoners are stripped searched, sprayed with insecticide, and are stuffed with two other prisoners into a cell that was only designed for one inmate. The probability of being raped at the Reception Center is higher than being raped in prison, although it is inculcated very early on than snitching is much worse. You have a choice to make when you enter into the general prison population whether you are going to be punked out, or whether you are going to beat and even kill other inmates in order to not get raped. Needless to say, previous military or real world martial arts experience will be worth its weight in gold in keeping you as safe as humanely possible while in the belly of hell.

Being sent into the bowels of hell is even worse. Segregation units, solitary confinement, and death row are all manifestations of prison at its very worst. While it is possible to file lawsuits, commit suicide, or even escape, it is best to never break the rules of the prison. Unfortunately, it may be completely unavoidable to do so, particularly if you were forced into a fight or made and traded some items that the pigs with sticks particularly frowned on, especially if they weren’t getting a cut of the action.

I endorse Jim Hogshire’s You Are Going to Prison as a treasure trove of helpful information not only about prison life, but also how to deal with every stage of the criminal injustice machine. Anyone who is engaged in civil disobedience, direct action, or any other form of political activism that necessarily violates mala prohibita should first read and, if possible, memorize this book. The tips, tricks, and techniques are invaluable for surviving the political consequences incurred by combating the State directly.

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