Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is comprised of nothing more than nine tyrants in robes. They have systematically mangled not only the letter but also the spirit and intent of the federal Constitution. Other than taxation, SCOTUS is probably the most pernicious vehicle for social engineering.



The primary function of the federal government’s judicial branch is to interpret the Constitution. Only an originalist perspective, which is that of the Founders, and not a fluid one, is supposed to guide their judgments. If the Constitution was supposed to be “flexible with the times,” then there is no point of having a Constitution other than as simple window dressing; in that case, “the supreme law of the land” it is not.

Mark Levin is a conservative statist pundit; that would explain why he focused on SCOTUS’s unconstitutional rulings on such things like prayer in schools, abortion, and “being soft on terrorists,” instead of on privacy, censorship, and the undeclared wars. Chapter after chapter is filled with little more than his whiny rants about how all the Founders were supposedly Christians and that SCOTUS is being overtaken by liberals, or something to that effect. Leave it to Levin to focus on minuscule shit while completely ignoring those major issues that affect all of us equally.

Levin’s suggested remedy is to somehow implement term limits for Supreme Court justices. Not only is this laughable in terms of its effectiveness, but it is also something that the average man has absolutely no control over. All that term limits would guarantee, as the Tea Partiers will discover soon enough, is that you now have a higher turnout of equally corrupt assholes whose true masters are the special interest of the week. If anything, term limits for either Congress or the Supreme Court would simply enable their corruption that much easier. Even if it didn’t, you, me, and the guy down the street cannot enact term limits on these agents of the State; that is a procedure that they would have to consent to as they perform their faggoty legislative rituals.

I DO NOT recommend anyone read Mark Levin’s “Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America.” It is little more than a running diatribe by a whiny conservative statist who wants to be the next Rush Limbaugh (the big hint being the fact that he wrote the introduction). A complete waste of time with no realistic solutions, Levin’s book is masturbatory at best. It would behoove anyone instead to read SCOTUS’s own cases on their Oyez site.

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