Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

It is not at all uncommon for conservative statists to masquerade as constitutionalists in order to trick the Patriots back into The Left-Right Paradigm. By highlighting the virtues of the free-market, the damage incurred by illegal immigration, and decrying the government-sponsored environmental lobby, a sort of faux dissidence can be used as a type of flytrap with which to ensnare those just started seeing through the fog back into a web in impermeable confusion. Such is, I believe, the primary role of disinformation agent Mark Levin.



Levin admits in the first chapter that he is redefining “modern liberals” as “Statists.” Throughout the rest of the book, Levin is constantly reinforcing the false dichotomy of “the Conservative” versus “the Statist,” thus reinforcing The Left-Right Paradigm. The big joke of all this is that conservatives are just as in love with Big Government as liberals are; they both think that taxes are good, that it is appropriate for non-violent drug users to be incarcerated, that imperialistic wars of aggression “spread democracy,” and that a surveillance police state apparatus “keep us safe.” In fact, a more honest terminology that avoids Levin’s intentional verbicide would be to label them as conservative statists and liberal statists, which of course begs the question as to whether there is a fundamental difference between the two? At the end of the day, conservatives and liberals are just plain statists.

Levin’s malfeasance does not end there, for next he postulates that anyone who isn’t a Christian is a statist. This naïve assertion completely ignores history as well as contemporary conditions; some of the Founders were deists, and levels of atheism are on the rise today (which in light of Catholic priest pedophilia and the Mormons’ zealous corruption of the Boy Scouts of America shouldn’t be too surprising). The 19th century was renowned for its great skepticism of state power and religion alike; the lack of superstition of both gods and governments is hardly remembered by the mainline public, which testifies to how far down the American tax farm has degenerated. Levin’s assertion that somehow really minor issues, like prayer in schools, in prima facie evidence of religious persecution by his liberal statist counterparts is fucking laughable! Just as the illusion of the State’s “legitimacy” is perceived as such by the mainline public, an identical situation is present with the churches; Levin should be jumping for joy at how successful bigoted religious clergies, like the other despotic special interests, have seized their portion of government power with which to wield coercively at the expense of their non-religious opponents.

I love how disinfo agent Levin waxes eloquent about the free market, yet completely neglects to mention either the Austrian school of economics, or how the Federal Reserve Bank is the engine of our destruction. He rails against the Supreme Court justices, but he simply regurgitates the same repugnant rhetoric from his earlier book Men in Black about how if term limits replaced lifetime appointments, that would mystically solve everything concerning SCOTUS’s complicity in the scheme of tyranny we all suffer under. While Levin correctly lambasts his liberal statist counterparts for pushing for cap and trade as a “solution” to the “problem” of anthropogenic climate change, he neglects to mention either ClimateGate (which proved that the “science” of climate change is all phony since it was all doctored) or the effort to establish global carbon taxes as the bedrock funding mechanism for the global governance structure (which is a real threat to American national sovereignty, just like the NAFTA superhighway).

Levin fails to distinguish between the types of illegal aliens; the violently criminal Mexican drug cartels, the racist La Raza commie types, and the economically desperate migrant workers just trying to feed their families. Each one of these stems from different causes, and their concomitant solutions much address each contingent. What is not needed are more police state measures (such as a national ID card), more border patrols, or a really long-ass fence, but instead the total and unequivocal abolishment of drug prohibition, the welfare state, and the Federal Reserve Bank. Ending the “war on drugs” removes the financial incentive for the Mexican drug cartels, ending the welfare state encourages those racist commies to parasitically feed somewhere else, and ending the Federal Reserve at least stabilizes the economy to the point where migrant workers can afford to either return to their ancestral homelands (given the Almighty Dollar’s status as the world reserve currency, which necessarily fucks up other currencies) or naturalize and become American citizens. Apparently, Levin would prefer to whine about the illegals instead of trying to brainstorm solutions that nip the causes in the bud.

Levin, in true chickenhawk neo-con fashion, does not think that waterboarding is torture. If someone forcibly held his head underwater for awhile, I bet he’ll seriously rethink about advocating the use of a cruel and unusual punishment (which is a flagrant violation of the Eighth Amendment) for anyone ever again. Imperialistic adventures abroad not only does not ensure America’s security, it in fact weakens it by overextending the military and decimating the currency.

Probably the worst part of this entire farce was the epilogue containing the aforementioned “conservative manifesto.” Levin likes taxes, prefers congressional oversight of the Administrative Agencies rather than abolishing them, desires a more developed police state, wants more wars, increased religious predation, and treats the federal Constitution like a Chinese food buffet where he selects those bits and pieces he likes and tosses out the rest.

Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto proves that he is a hypocrite of the highest order. He asserts that he cares about securing our Liberties, but then intermixes some truth with tyrannical rhetoric. Levin has no plan for defeating the Establishment; in fact, his wish list if seriously enacted (even in part) would only serve to increase the power of Big Government. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if given a chance, Levin would demonize the militia units just like his pal Sean Hannity. I can’t prove that Mark Levin is controlled opposition, but he is at least a very useful idiot, and for that reason alone should be ostracized from all dissident circles before he has a chance to wreck them.

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