Unearned Respect

A common misconception that ingratiates itself into the mainstream American psyche is an unmitigated reverence for authority. Something about certain kinds of titled occupations somehow convinces people that it is the office, the badge, or the uniform that must be “honored.” Such ubiquitous mind control must be deprogrammed from people’s heads if Liberty is to ever take root in America again.



Reactions to the 2009 Obama Joker Infowars contest is quite revealing. As Charlene Forth of Clermont, FL put it, “He looks so mean and gruesome and evil, and this is not something that you want to, as an American, to portray your President [as], no matter what you think.” What does Ms. Forth mean by “your President?” I didn’t vote for him, since I don’t vote at all anymore. How does Ms. Forth know what my subjective preferences are? Perhaps “as an American” I really do want to portray an agent of the State as “mean and gruesome and evil,” especially because of what I think. Considering the history of the US federal government, I don’t think making one of their mid-level minions look psychopathic is undeserved in the slightest. Even if I was wrong, would that therefore mean that censorship of negative portrayals of thugs in suits is appropriate?

I’ve always wondered why judges and legislators have been referred to as “the Honorable So-and-So.” I really don’t see what honor they have, quite frankly. The tyrants in robes throughout the federal district courts, as well as the state-level courts, have consistently acted as apologists for the misdeeds of government. They wholeheartedly defend both the letter and the intent of the despotic bills that were given the force of law by non-representing “representatives.” This latter gaggle of government agents have passed batches of legislation that details how American citizens can be kidnapped, stripped of citizenship, or even executed with no due process at all.

Perhaps worst of all are what are typically considered “law enforcement officers.” These American gendarmerie are not your friend, and their purpose is not intended “to serve and protect” you or your property… ever. They are there to enforce the edicts of the State upon forbidden human activity, and therefore not only do they serve as the de facto jailers of the average hapless American but also as revenue generators for their respective agencies. Some cops will claim that their particular department does not have arrest or ticket quotas; the best way to field test this is for these flatfoots to not arrest or ticket anyone for 30 days and see what happens to their jobs.

At the end of the day, cops are nothing more than individuals who wear blue costumes. They do not have anything inherent within themselves that makes them somehow superior to everyone else, despite statist assertions to the contrary. The only reason they have even the appearance of power is that they are willing to initiate coercive violence against innocent people because they believe that other individuals gave them the moral right to do so. Just because a codified threat of violence successfully navigates the quagmire of legislative ritual does not mean that now some flatfoot has acquired the ethical legitimacy to do whatever he wants. These gendarmerie need to be taken off their pedestal and regarded as the public nuisance that they are; they are not intrinsically superior to anyone else by virtue of the fact that they carry a badge and a gun, especially considering they die just like everybody else.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some decent individuals who have been agents of the State. Jesse Ventura was Governor of Minnesota, Ron Paul has been a long-time Congressman, and I’ve personally met or known less than a handful of well-intentioned judges and policemen; unfortunately, from my experience and that of countless others, such seems to be the exception rather than the rule. What I have learned during my brief life thus far is that an office is only as deserving of respect as the quality of the individual inhabiting it. Ventura and Paul deserve my respect not because the former was a Governor and the latter a Congressman, but because as men they spoke truth to power, as well as continuing to assist others in seeing through the fog.

What the oligopolized media would have you believe is that those who serve the State deserve your admiration; what they fail to understand is that government agents, much like everybody else, do not deserve unearned respect. It is completely irrational to ascribe virtue to an fiction. Once people choose to respect individuals on their own merit instead of worshiping some illusory quality that someone allegedly possesses, then true liberation from the chains of superstition can begin to be outgrown.

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