The Nicest “Police” Encounter Ever!

Every once in a while, something popularly considered insignificant yet actually quite profound happens to you personally. Such occurrences are not only a rare treat, but also can be a truly inspirational moment that should be treasured. Understanding the significance of it can be a source of great comfort and provide hope for what is otherwise a pretty dismal future.



While I was out for a run the other day, I decided to make a lap around the neighborhood mall. As I was nearing completion of this task, a private security guard had just stepped out of his marked car with the yellow lights on the roof whirring around. Choosing to slow to a walk (since I was pretty exhausted anyway, and needed to catch my breath in case the guard wanted a chat with me), I grabbed my bandanna from my pocket and wiped my sweat-coated face with it. As I approached him (for there was really no other way to avoid him), the guard asked me how I was doing. I replied that I was doing well and was out for an evening run. He nodded his head and expressed relief, and he then mentioned that he was momentarily concerned about seeing me running at full tilt around the corner approximately 50 yards away from where his car had been sitting and had begun wondering what I was running from.

Stopping to catch my breath (and also repositioning myself relative to the guard and his car where I had the advantage should things turn sour), I smiled and cheerfully stated that the weather had been murderously hot and humid during the day, otherwise I would have gone out earlier instead of running around the mall at night. The guard nodded his head again and agreed in that very geeky way of his (upon closer observation, he resembled more of a nerdy libertarian type in a white uniform than a stereotypical jock on a power trip). After listening to his brief response about how it needs to rain again, I agreed with him and bid him adieu, to which he reciprocated, thus ending the encounter. I finished the rest of my run without incident.

Security personnel, government or private, are supposed to assist victims and tackle criminals. On the way home, I thought of that one good police encounter that was documented in Truth Rising, where an anti-war Christian activist was approached by a sheriff’s deputy. That is the only documented example of a good cop I have ever seen; all my other police encounters have ranged from bureaucratically uncomfortable to downright insulting (thankfully, never physically violent….thus far). It is bittersweet that my best encounter is with a mall security guard! Perhaps the propertarian anarchists are correct about the free-market being able to replace the State as the provider of affordable and better quality security services.

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