Paracord Shoelaces

I’ve discovered recently that there was no real way my replacement shoelaces for one of my running shoes was actually going to be able to be threaded through all the loops. For the better part of a week, I was out running with my left shoe being only partially tied. Then I had the bright idea of trying 550 paracord as a shoelace option. After berating myself for not thinking of it earlier, I cut and fused a length of cord, which threaded through the holes and loops in the shoe flawlessly.

Here is a picture of my right shoe (which is what my left shoe looked like before the original shoelace was frayed beyond repair, but in reverse):



Here is the picture of my left shoe with the paracord shoelaces:



Thus far, it has stood up to a handful of runs. I’m curious as to whether the paracord with fail before the original shoelance on the right shoe will, but I have an inclination as to which one is going to last the longest.

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