Austerity – The Last Bastille Podcast #56

Audio version of my article on austerity. This episode is available as a free downloadable podcast.



Episode Description

Adults are expected to be responsible in nearly every sphere of human activity. Regardless of whether it involves treating their fellow man decently, providing for their families, or simply improving themselves, men need to take care of the business that is their own lives. Financially, this may range from paying bills to balancing a checkbook, or perhaps saving up for something worthwhile. Historically, governments the world over tend to have this noticeable pattern of not being able to stay within the budget for their respective national households; the worst situations merit what their creditors have deceptively called, “austerity.”

Featured music is AshleyAlyse’s “A Puzzling Predicament,” and Bosa’s “King’s Quest,” both of them available pursuant to CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported.

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