The Fruitless R”love”ution

Well, kids, it’s official….Mitt Romney gave his acceptance speech for the Republicrat Party’s nomination to support his bid to become the next Imperial Excellency of the United Socialist States of America. Unfortunately, this also means that the good doctor ultimately failed in his presidential bid, just like four years ago. Of course, the mainline libertarians have rolled out their ex post facto justification that Ron Paul actually won in terms of “converting people over to the cause for Liberty,” just like four years ago. Millions of dollars worth of donations were completely wasted (this go-around, approximately $40,000,000), just like four years ago. To top it all off, Dr. Paul joked recently on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that he needed to rest for 2016 (implying that he might make yet another bid for the US presidency), even though he has already announced his retirement from the mainline political circus by not seeking for reelection of his congressional seat.

Is it really any wonder that the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign was going to epically fail like it did? As I have said before, it was never his electability that was the problem, as evidenced by his history for winning straw polls as well as the grassroots sources of his campaign contributions. The main issue is what can he do should he get inside the White House? Dr. Paul would be facing a very hostile, statist Congress AND the 1,000+ Administrative Agencies (the federal bureaucracy) who care very much about control and very little about our Liberties. Even Gary Hunt admitted that the core problem of electing this Messiah to the presidency is due to the fact that, “The nature of government has changed to the point that return to the confines of the limitations imposed by the Constitution is nearly impossible. Separation of powers has become ineffective because of the power of the political parties and the political elite.” So, in other words, the Paulbots were playing a rigged game whose only eventual outcome was to lose. I sincerely hope these Ron Paul Refuges attempt to find better ways to secure their Liberties, such as by forming Committees of Safety in their local areas.

Like I’ve also said before, “Those who desire some strategy that either involves methods that don’t work or a Christ archetype are simply avoiding the responsibility necessary for self-liberation. Such cowardliness deserves to be ridiculed and ostracized from the ranks of the realistic and the brave. Participating in the Carnival of Distractions for its own sake, all the while claiming to be ‘fighting for freedom,’ is in some ways crueler than being controlled opposition, for it demonstrates a type of mental insanity that is very difficult to overcome. If we are to move the cause for Liberty forward, let us all refuse to be suckered by the promises of all of these ‘Messiahs.’” I trust the Ron Paul Refuges, like the Tea Party Refugees, now have the courage, and the brains, to move more along the line towards that “state of nature” that the Founders talked about.

The 2012 Ron Paul for President site has been taken down. If you surf to, it redirects you Speaking of which, C4L is now pushing the newest version of “Auditing the Fed” (H.R. 459). The THOMAS database of legislation (provided by the Library of Congress) says that it has passed the House of (non-representing) Representatives and has been “received by the Senate.” But wait a second….hasn’t the Senate blocked earlier versions of Audit the Fed? Oh, they have? So, why should I expect it to miraculously work this time? Ah, that’s right… since Dr. Paul is retiring soon (and he failed to get his party’s nomination), he at least wants to go out on a minor success.

While I sincerely wish him the best, I wouldn’t hold my breath for an actual audit; invoking the spirit of Gary Hunt (again), it would take way too damn long to conduct the kind of audit that would be needed of the Federal Reserve System. Besides, the only reason it’s being pushed anyway is to convince the fence sitting congresscritters than nothing less than total abolishment of the Federal Reserve Bank is going to restore sound money of any kind. You, me, and the guy down the street have no power whatsoever to force the abolishment of the Federal Reserve Company (at least via lawful process); only the Congress can do that, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon since it would be against their own interests to do so. You cannot expect agents of the State to act contrary to their inherent tyrannical nature.

As I mentioned several months ago, “Who knows? Perhaps I am being too cynical. Perhaps a miracle can happen. Or perhaps electing even a good man to the highest office in the land is NOT how to achieve liberty. Time will tell.” Apparently, the latter has turned out to be the case. Time has told us what we need to know; it now behooves us to start heeding the experiences of history instead of foolishly repeating it. No More Messiahs…only truth. And the truth of the matter is that we can only liberate ourselves, no one else can do it for you. As Robert Heinlein infamously put it, “There Ain’t No Such Thing As a Free Lunch” (TANSTAAFL), and the very same applies to Messiahs. No shining knight on a white horse is coming to save you by doing all the fighting in your stead. Only you can do it. This is the essence of responsibility and self-determination.

It is finally time for us to have…


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