Karen Kwiatkowski on The Proof Negative Show (9/6/12)

The following is a transcript of the 9/6/12 broadcast of The Proof Negative Show on Freedomzier Radio. I called in to ask Karen Kwiatkowski about grand strategy, particularly in terms of not voting and Committees of Safety. The original audio is hosted on BlogTalkRadio as a free downloadable podcast; this partial transcript occurs between approximately 1 hr 45 min –  1 hr 56 min. Alterations have been made to correct for grammar and speech disfluency; any mistakes are solely the fault of this humble blogger.



SleepySalsa (SS): Karen, what would you suggest that we all do to resist these tyrants?

Karen Kwiatkowski (KK): There’s a lot of things we need to do. One is to really get educated on the nature of tyranny, because I think the more we know about tyranny and tyrants, both historically and what’s in the present day, that we’ll be less afraid. Fear is not really gonna help us that much. We kinda have to assert ourselves to prevent tyranny and to resist it, but fear is not the best driver. Knowledge and power….we have to have a sense of our own power as people to resist tyranny. Education is a big thing. I think the other thing we can do is prepare ourselves to live lives that are as free as they can be and to kind of nullify in our own experience some of what we see around us. So, in a sense I’m saying turn our back on it to some extent. For example, I don’t like to be patted down and groped by TSA and I disapprove of that, in principle. I don’t think it’s necessary, I think it’s wrong, so I don’t fly. Now, that limits me because I don’t fly, and I have to drive places. It costs me more money sometimes, and it limits my ability to move around, but I’m also not patronizing that sector of government in society, I’m not patronizing it. I think there are so many others, and I’m one of those people, I’m retired military, so I have a military retirement check, but I’m trying to be prepared anyway as that becomes inflated away (as all entitlements will be), as all government money is, everyday it loses its value. So, what am I doing? I’m trying to become mentally and economically prepared and skill wise prepared, kind of “preperationist” type thing (the preppers) to be able to live in a world where we have hyperinflation, ’cause I think it might be coming. If we aren’t dependent on the government as much and we don’t fear its tyranny and we’re willing to turn our back on it, we won’t be good subjects to the tyrants. We will be bad subjects. Obviously, there is some danger in that. If you speak out and resist government, we’re the ones to picked off and sent away. We just had this thing in Virginia not long ago, I think two weeks ago, with Brandon Raub (I don’t know if you heard of his case).

SS: Right, of course.

KK: He’s a former Marine, he served in Iraq (I think) two tours; harmless guy, good guy, nothing wrong with him, no problem. But they didn’t like what he was posting on Facebook and they tried (in fact they did for a short period of time) involuntarily…the government came, arrested him (although they said it wasn’t an arrest), and they put him in an insane asylum. This is a Soviet tactic for dealing with resistance. So, we have to exercise all of our rights and we have to resist and we have to be ready for the consequences of that, but we also can’t be too afraid of doing it, because fear (I think) feeds into how government work. If you think about just our recent 20th century examples of totalitarianism, whether it’s Cambodia or fascist Germany or the Soviet Union communism (the eastern bloc communism, Chinese communism); these totalitarianism systems really thrive on fear. When the people no longer fear the government (as happened in the Soviet Union, if you end up with a government collapsing under its own weight, because the people no longer really believe it and follow its rules) fear is a big part of government maintaining its power, so we can’t be fearful of it. We have to understand how tyranny works, we have to try as best we can to live outside of that, and to help others do the same thing. I’ll give you a little example. I constantly….probably a lot of people know about George Carlin, he has a skit on not voting (been around for a long time). He says I don’t participate and I’m not responsible for what these evil politicians do because I didn’t put them up there. The people that voted for them put them up there. I mean, if we had “none of the above” option on our electoral ballots, I’d tell everybody to go vote. Because we don’t have a “none of the above” option, in a sense voting is contributing to belief, a faith in government that is not deserved right now. I almost converted my mother (who is a lifelong Republican voter who totally believes in it), she really does understand that that really in some ways kind of promotes the kind of no choice government that we’ve seen for the last 60 – 70 years. Anyway, just do what you can in your own sphere of influence and you try to be prepared for the worst.

SS: Well, speaking of George Carlin, wouldn’t that mean therefore that’s it time now to work outside of the system with whatever ways we can, instead of trying to either push for a counter or even anti-Establishment candidate, or even something like the Libertarian Party. I mean, considering you brought up George Carlin (ok, I’ll take you to task), isn’t it time to start working outside of the system, and preferably, coming up with some sort of plan to restore the Republic?

KK: Well, there’s a problem with planning, and it’s very difficult for elements that are diverse and geographically and even politically separated to work together. We see this already. Look in the anti-war movement. The anti-war movement is perfectly correct, but it causes difficulty between the far Left and the far Right, both of whom are anti-war, but because of their differences, they really can’t make forward progress, so I would say we do both. We work within the system and we work outside of the system. It depends on who you are and what you’re sphere of influence is. Take me, for example. I’m sitting here telling people not to vote, except that I take that back in the 6th district of Virginia ’cause I ran a primary campaign against an Establishment Republican, and I’m doing it again in 2014, but we think we’ll beat ’em. But I want people to vote for me in that respect, so I’m contradicting myself [emphasis added] in some ways by saying don’t vote, but oh, vote for me. That is something I can do in the system. I have a lot of friends who are Republicans who are liberty-minded Republicans and they have pursued positions of authority and power and influence within the Republican Party. The 6th district Republicans are about half liberty Republicans and half Establishment, so they’ve had some success, and the other half of my friends are libertarians and outside the Party independent thinking type people who are doing…pursuing change, pursuing liberty (what is good) and they’re doing all that outside of the Party. They have rejected the Party. I don’t think we can say there is one way to do it. I think everybody has to do everything that they can, and for some people who are already positioned or the type of person who works well in a type of organization….heck, taking over the Republican Party and turning it into a liberty party…nothing wrong with that. That’s a good thing. Voting Libertarian and actively strengthening the Libertarian Party, that’s a good thing. Speaking of that, it’s good to see Wayne Allen Root found the right Party to go to.

SS: Well, obviously, contradictions cannot exist. If you see a contradiction, you need to check your premises, because one of them happens to be wrong. Now, to the colonial period, it was something interesting that the Founding Fathers (you mentioned them earlier)…one of the several things they did was they set up Committees of Safety, if you’ve ever heard of them?

KK: Yes, indeed. Yes, I have.

SS: Ok, well, would you suggest then that people start setting up Committees of Safety locally then?

KK: In fact, I think they are, and I think it’s a great idea. On a kinda modern version of that to some extent (not completely duplicative)…the Oathkeepers movement….these guys are doing that. They’re kinda straddling both organizations….both in and out of the Party, telling people, “Hey, we’ve got a Constitution, let’s follow it; let’s reject the tyranny and follow what we think is the real fundamental law, the Constitutional law of the land, and don’t follow orders from the tyrant.” Yet that’s a national organization, so, good place to be. You can be a Republican or a Democrat and be in Oathkeepers all at the same time. You can be on a Committee of Safety and you can be an officeholder in your local Republican unit or Democratic unit.

SS: Actually, no you can’t, but obviously that’s a discussion for another time.

KK: Oh, you can’t?

SS: No. The Founders were not part of a CoS and an officer (like a governor) with the British Royal government, but my last question really entails…what do you see being the line in the sand, in the bigger scope?

KK: I don’t think in terms of lines in the sand. If there is a line in the sand, we crossed it a long time ago. We’ve lost the Republic. There is no Republic. People are represented in this country? I don’t see that. If there was a line in the sand, it happened a long time ago, maybe 1913 with the establishment of the income tax and the Federal Reserve Bank system. I don’t see anything at this point which is a line in the sand. I think all of us need to just assume we’ve passed it and take action in the ways that we can. Of course, those ways are going to be unique and different for every person. Not everybody can do the same thing. The Peter Schiffs of the world can do what the Peter Schiffs of the world can do. Other people can do what they can do, but we all need to be doing something. The land in the sand, if there was one, has long been crossed.

SS: Ok, well, thank you Karen for answering my questions.

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