Grandstanding Internet Censorship Wars

There are times within the alternative media (including the Carnival of Distractions) that there is a certain level of one-upping between various outlets. One side will claim that he’s more authentic and the other will assert that they have a larger audience. As is the case with the various phenomenon between political dissidents, the truth is stranger than what they proclaim it happens to be this week.

The Young Turks (TYT) ran a video report entitled, “Alex Jones Shirtless Rant Against TYT.” Now to be clear, this is not the first time (nor probably the last) that these two outlets butted heads. An earlier piece by TYT entitled, “Internet Wars between TYT and Alex Jones” really demonstrated just how much they don’t like each other, albeit expressed in very dissimilar ways.

The newest installment of the saga centered around Alex Jones (AJ) getting upset over a claim made by TYT that they are #1 in the alternative media. AJ, in his typical fashion, then goes to bitch and complain about a variety of things, one of which is that (YouTube) is censoring him. TYT proceed in their report to ridicule him, just like they did last time.

Considering the vested interests of the parties involved, what exactly is the truth of the matter? On TYT’s “About” page on their website, they claim “The Young Turks is the largest online news show in the world, covering politics, pop culture, and lifestyle. The TYT Network is one of the Top 50 YouTube Partners, with over 30 million views a month and over 670 million total video views on The Young Turks YouTube Channel alone. [emphasis added] ”

Well, it is true that they have a YouTube Partnership, and gauging from their profits of $112,000 last fiscal year, they ain’t doing too bad at all. Their total video views are fairly accurate, also given that as of today on October 2nd of 2012, they have 819,531,980 views, as you can no doubt tell from this screenshot:



AJ claimed many grievances, one of which was that he has more total video views than TYT. This is categorically not accurate, given as that as of today on October 2nd of 2012, his YouTube channel has only 238,062,700 total views, as you can no doubt tell from this screenshot:



Gauging that TYT’s self-issued video report revealed very similar discrepancies, perhaps AJ is simply misspoken.

Next is the grievance of AJ’s that he is being persecuted by YouTube and that somehow this is proof of censorship. Anyone who is even remotely aware of his channel’s history is that it has unfortunately been slapped with copyright infringement claims as well as violations of community rules. Granted, while I think this was blatantly unfair of YouTube to do to anyone (since AJ and his crew never used other people’s footage, audio tracks, or anything even remotely racist), it is to be expected that when your YouTube channel gets slapped with something, it’s pretty much permanent unless you go to court over it, which AJ has claimed over the years he’s had to do.

Due to YouTube’s interference, AJ is upset that his channel does not have the full upload capability and is permanently restricted to no more than 15 minutes. I can testify that in regards to my former YouTube channel, when I was slapped with copyright infringements, I was no longer able to upload anything longer than 10 minutes (this was under the older rules, before YouTube graciously extended the basic level maximum time). The easiest way around this is to either discontinue using your channel or simply setup a brand new one (which isn’t that hard; in fact, it has been common practice at least since I originally joined back in 2007 for people to establish backup channels ahead of time for exactly this reason). Gauging from alternate channels such as The Frontline Reports (Aaron Dykes’ channel), InfowarsInsider, RealPlanetInfowars (Kristi [the site moderator]’s channel), PrisonPlanetLive (Paul Joseph Watson’s channel), ChangeDaChannel (huge Infowars fan who has several of the best quality full-length Alex Jones documentaries available for free), as well as all the other countless The Alex Jones Show listener channels who mirror and reedit the simulcasts from, I really doubt that if AJ’s primary “official” channel were taken down, that it would be a substantial blow to his counter-propaganda machine.

AJ additionally asserted that he is more highly ranked than TYT according to various ranking schemas, including Google Analytics and Alexa. Unfortunately, Google Analytics was a bit glitchy for me to use, but Alexa revealed some surprising results. TYT’s websites were ranked 371,612 & 1,228,939, as you can see from this screenshot:



What is fascinating is that & were ranked 8,104 & 1,718 (respectively), as you can tell from this screenshot:



According to Alexa on this October 2nd of 2012, AJ’s websites absolutely outperform TYT’s websites without even trying (a higher rank is demonstrated by a lower numerical value). This suggests that perhaps TYT was being evasive about AJ’s particular claim on this, since they neglected to address it at all.

TYT have noticeably higher total videos views than AJ (which they reported on, to their credit) yet AJ’s websites are higher ranked (visited more often) than TYT’s websites (which they neglected to mention in their latest smear on AJ). While I think AJ was extrapolating way too much into YouTube’s motives with regards to their actions towards him, he was correct at the very least about his Alexa rating relative to TYT.

So at the end of the day, what does it all mean? I postulate that self-aggrandizement was absolutely at play here in distorting the facts of the case, which I hope I have accurately corrected for here, in good faith. As one of my elders reminded me the other day, “There are two sides to every story.” This particular spat seems little more than a pissing contest with no real truth or some other demonstrable goal being achieved. It is most likely a lot to do about nothing instead of actually doing something productive, which I must say, is a key attribute of the Carnival.

Maybe if by acknowledging that TYT is better at attracting people with videos and that AJ is better at attracting people with articles from his website they both could realize their own particular strengths and specialize in those, instead of making assertions about things that are simply false, of which they are both guilty of, sadly. But I know better than that, and the Carnival will continue until such time that there is a strong enough resurgence of the journalistic integrity, that characterized the genuine alternative media, when it comes roaring back with a vengeance.

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