When Patriot Rockstars Go Bad

There’s been a feud that started recently (and that is still on-going) between Mark Dice and Alex Jones (AJ). Apparently, it got started mainly when Mark Dice got shafted by AJ regarding getting his book royalty check late. This does come as a unfortunate surprise, since it leads to internal balkanization.



Dice explains it in the video description for “Alex Jones: Make a Million Dollars a Year Selling My Vitamins:


“Alex Jones and I’s falling out explained. In April of 2011 I was expecting a payment from Big Brother and it was almost two weeks late and when I called and asked for the check, he flipped out and told me to fuck off and said he’d pay me the following month instead because of a misunderstanding about the terms of my payments. I owed that money to the IRS within days because April 15th was right around the corner. I explained this and calmed him down, and got him to send the check but then he still turned his back on me and dumped all my other books which he carried for the last three years and never had me on again even though we agreed it was just a misunderstanding. I was very hurt at the things he said to me on the phone and how things went down. Imagine one of your role models telling you to fuck off and that they wish they never dealt with you, and all over a misunderstanding that should have been easily fixed.

“That was April of 2011, and after six years of being a regular on the show every few months, all of a sudden I stopped getting asked to come on, and he stopped stocking my books after our misunderstanding, which we supposedly got through, but apparently he still decided he was done with me. That’s the gist of it. Not wanting to bite the hand that feeds me, I kept this to myself hoping not to piss him off any more than he already was at me. Then over the next six months or so, I see his business model change from selling DVDs to Multi-Level Marketing vitamins and infomercial weight loss claims and so I started giving my analysis on this along with the lead, mercury and arsenic in the Kool Aid he was pushing. No longer putting him on a pedestal as I had for years I clearly started seeing him hype things up I knew weren’t accurate and sensationalize half-truths and misunderstandings (i.e. getting a phone call from the NSA, when in reality it was a prank using a caller ID spoofer).

“In my opinion he has to do everything he can to increase his web hits and increase ad revenue because he has so much overhead since the infowars studios grew so big with such a large facility. He’s a conspiracy shock jock entertainer basically, that’s why “everything” is a conspiracy and he doesn’t debunk anything because that’s not fun and exciting radio like talking about how a Swat Team is going to come to your house at any moment to confiscate your guns.

“Then I just found out he blocks me from his YouTube channel so his videos don’t show up on my homepage anymore. I only commented two times on any of his videos over the years, so I wasn’t even debunking him in the comments section there or even really commenting at all. I believe they just wanted to take preemptive action to make sure I wouldn’t do that when they heard I was making fun of his Kool-Aid, Beyond Tangy Tangerine and that I wasn’t going to be intimidated into keeping my mouth shut anymore. So, I believe it all comes back to money again. I think he was pissed that my talking about the Kool-Aid would hurt sales and so they blocked me on YouTube. There’s a little more to it than this, but this is pretty much the gist of what happened.”


Dice then went on to have an entire “Debunk Alex Jones Week,” as well as a parody (or two) concerning the 2012 Moneybomb.

Mark Dice, as a 9/11 Truther, got his main start because of AJ, who has had Dice as a periodic guest on The Alex Jones Show over the past 6 or 7 years (or so). AJ would sell Dice’s books through the Infowars Store. Everything has been be hunky dory for a couple of years now.

Suddenly, Dice was thrown under the bus (even the Faux Capitalist reported on it, also tying it in with AJ’s other “misadventures” regarding others within the alternative media); so it is understandable why he is getting his revenge by ridiculing AJ with parodies as well as vlogs pointing out the inconsistencies of the “InfoWhores” staff on a variety of stories they run. As much as I don’t like them for other reasons, even The Young Turks have had some run ins with AJ.

Word to the wise: stay away from AJ as much as possible. As a former listener, I have publicly mentioned before what I thought was AJ’s most egregious fault; that is, his methodology for resisting tyrants is absurdly lacking. Now it turns out that Randy Mack really was correct when he said that AJ was also marketing crappy products that don’t live up to their advertised claims. In fact, Dice’s video (whose description I’ve posted above) details how AJ is now engaging in multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes, such as with Youngevity products (a company who also do their own MLM pyramid scams) like “Tangy Tangerine,” an alleged weight-loss drink powder that Dice has demonstrated actually contains heavy metals, such as mercury and arsenic (hence the “Kool-Aid” reference).

This is what happens when Patriot Rockstars within the Carnival of Distractions fall out of favor with each other. These prima donnas are out for their own interests, and if they should decide to throw you out (despite an otherwise positive past history), you’re out. If you want to avoid such ostracism, it’s better to not associate with them in the first place.

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