It’s bad enough that too many people today are obsessed with celebrity and entertainment, but it takes a new twist when even those who understand that there is more to the story fall into the trap of enjoying the Carnival of Distractions for its own sake. Then some wonder why hardly anything is accomplished in terms of measurable increases in Liberty for everybody. The reason is because most activists in actuality are thrill-seeking news junkies, which would also explain why they can remember the most obscure and seemingly unconnected trivia but possess no social skills, as can be evidenced by their inability to organize meetings (much less anything more serious) as well their overall lack of diplomacy.



Mark Dice’s relatively recent falling out with Alex Jones still continues; one installment of which is his coining of the term, “conspiratainment,” which is a portmanteau of the words “conspiracy” and “entertainment.” Put another way:


Conspiracy + Entertainment = Conspiratainment


Literally, the fusion of what he describes as conspiracy entertainment is essentially little different from the Carnival itself. As Dice himself defines:


“Conspiratainment: Conspiracy Entertainment, a very realistic genre of entertainment involving conspiracy theories, fantasy, half-truths, paranoia, mental illness, and con men.”


In other words, conspiratainment is the utterly chaotic hell of a cocktail mixed with equal parts disinformation and misinformation promulgated by Kool-Aid drinkers (such as useful idiots, “guess what I know” types, etc.) and controlled opposition alike. Topics will revolve around things that are somewhat inaccurate, totally fraudulent, or just plain wrong. I personally hurl the topics of Nibiru, the Annunaki, and the “reptilians” onto the steaming pile of crap incessantly distracting political dissidents from what they need to be doing.

Dice comments that, “The videos that I do when I debunk things are the lowest rated, most hated videos.” Gee, I wonder why that is; maybe it’s because attracts exactly the types of people who aren’t going to go outside, meet other people, and become truly active (which is partially why I closed my YT channel when I did). Debunking fiction is in fact much less popular that proselytizing the latest school of… whatever.

This Truther culture jammer goes on to complain that the audience suffers from overly relying on secondary sources (such as Wikipedia, The Alex Jones Show, and YouTube), instead of going to the primary sources for their “research.” While this is all true, what else do you expect? Anyone who is intellectually lazy enough to believe the latest tale spun by your run-of-the-mill Patriot Rockstar deserves to be scammed, as far as I am concerned. I have little respect or patience for that kind of behavior anymore, since I was steeped in it for many years. It’s actually indicative of the victim mentality unlike anything I’ve ever seen before or since (“Oh! The Freemasons/Jewry/Vatican agents are hurting me and my family, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, but let me go ahead and tell you the 20,000,000 different details about them and their innumerable nefarious activities, since by proving I’ve memorized trivia about incomprehensible bullshit that means I am ‘fighting the infowar,’ even though I am not even bothering to objectively measure just how effective I am at ‘fighting’ said ‘infowar’”).

Our intrepid Infowarrior goes on to describe how he was able to be absurdly efficient in cramming literally hundreds of books into his noggin over the span of only a couple years (which, as he says, is due to the unique nature of his, as yet, unnamed job). Dice then whines, bitches, and complains that people don’t read anymore, as well as the fact that they also don’t know what it takes to write a book. Although it is true that unfortunately most political dissidents are prone to sensationalist bullcrap due to their own incompetence, I would like to add onto Dice’s list of grievances that these same people, most importantly, refuse to think. This particular attribute that stems from volitional consciousness actually requires the exercise of free will to choose to seriously contemplate thought. As Eleanor Roosevelt said:


“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”


I think that is a reasonably good yardstick with which to evaluate people in general, although it is more than applicable to those within the alternative media (especially the Patriot Rockstars).

The other major concern by Mark Dice was his description of how his arch-nemesis, Alex Jones, refuses to mention certain topics on The Alex Jones Show; Dice ascribes this to AJ not wanting to alienate certain portions of his audience. Personally, I think it’s much worse – I honestly think he likes reveling in the most nihilistic narcissism I have ever witnessed (but hey, that’s just me). Arguably, it’s not a stretch for the therapy-induced, non-spanking anarcho-capitalists to diagnose any 15 minute segment of his radio broadcast as basically the linguistic equivalent of being hit by a machine gun of 50 different horrendous things, almost as if it were a particular method of presentation that came right out of the Tavistock Institute (actually, it was Alan Watt who described AJ that way, but I digress).

Mark Dice’s groundbreaking vlog on this topic could be summed up with this observation of his:


“It’s obviously easier to make a living as a con man than it is to be a legitimate businessman or a legitimate, honest person in any field, and the “conspiratainment” genre is certainly no different, and is certainly filled with countless con artists, mentally ill people, and people who mean well but are wrong in many cases.”


I think at the end of the day, that’s all it is. The resulting harm of all this is that the sincerely serious folks, who are alienated for speaking actual truth to power, are abandoned to fend for themselves against the ravages of genocidal Statism.

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