Psychopathic Authoritarians

Fame, even of the Internet kind, can be hard to die out, especially when you were portrayed as a Messiah. This can be witnessed by the adulation of those who worship your every utterance. It gets cemented even further when your sycophants attack others within the ranks without regard for rationality in order to keep the believers in line.



On the floor of the House of (non-representating) “Representatives,” Dr. Paul basically name-called the statists of all stripes and flavors as “psychopathic authortarians.” Apparently, some of the alternative media thought this parting speech of his was newsworthy, or something to that effect. Is it? Anybody can ridicule agents of the Establishment, but that isn’t newsworthy. There’s not even anything even remotely helpful, or even insightful (anything original, that is). I don’t see what the big deal is here.

What is rich here is that treacherous Senator Rand Paul posting on his Twitter feed, “My dad’s in the speaker’s chair. I’m on the House floor. We’re about to hijack the house!” I bet he wants to, since he already sabotaged his own father’s campaign with that little stunt of his on Hannity. Sen. Paul betrayed his Tea Partier supports by throwing his support by Republican Party loser Willard “Mittens” Romney; he literally destroyed what integrity he had for absolutely nothing. And good riddance to that spoiled brat… I sincerely hope he gets wrapped up in some Watergate-esque scandal or some equivalent, because poetic justice is overdue.

If some of you are perplexed why I am a partial Ron Paul Refugee (“partial” because I never voted for him, just Debra Medina, who also happened to be the very last politician I voted for), then be sure to check out the Ron Paul Lovefest. I have documented why exactly the 2012 Ron Paul presidential campaign was due to failure, as particularly evidenced by its aftermath since it echoed his equally failed attempt back in 2008. Also, be sure to read No More Messiahs, which describes why relying on any one man (or his unique “vision”) is ultimately detrimental in the effort to secure our Liberties.

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