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Monarchism in America

Comparative politics is a sub-genre with the field of political science that deals with the different structures of government. Dissimilar forms of the State can be primarily distinguished between top-down versus bottom-up flows of sovereignty. A particular style of governance … Continue reading

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Individuality – The Last Bastille Podcast #66

Audio version of my article on individuality. This episode is available as a free downloadable podcast.     Episode Description Childhood is that pivotal period of one’s life where character is forged. In school, children are taught to “fit in” … Continue reading

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Common Sense

Any revolution without a self-published manifesto is a revolution not worth having. Laying the grounds for why armed insurrection is not only inevitable, but in fact desirable, is the necessary precursor towards eliciting sympathy from the downtrodden populace. A political … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Mornings

“It’s a glorious morning!” – Samuel Adams, referring to the Battles of Lexington & Concord

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(State) Nullification

People are desperate for any method that promises to secure their Liberties. Such techniques are even more attractive if they hardly require any effort on the part of the hapless citizenry. At the same time, its advocates are portrayed in … Continue reading

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Psychopathic Authoritarians

Fame, even of the Internet kind, can be hard to die out, especially when you were portrayed as a Messiah. This can be witnessed by the adulation of those who worship your every utterance. It gets cemented even further when … Continue reading

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2/6/15 UPDATE: Upon reflection, I think I lent too much credence in this book report to what could be referred to as the patriot mythology of the Philadelphia Conspiracy, namely, the idea that the Framers schemed to usurp the Articles … Continue reading

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