Proofs of a Conspiracy?

I’m interested in whether anyone has ever heard of this book. The title seems to indicate that the Freemasons and Illuminati are “behind everything.” Please leave a comment below as to y’alls thoughts on this.



Proofs of a Conspiracy cover

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4 Responses to Proofs of a Conspiracy?

  1. adalyn021709 says:

    I have not heard of this book, yet it appears to be an interesting one. Since I am curious I’d like to read it.

  2. Matthew says:

    Have you had a chance to dig into this or did you decide not to?

    • sleepysalsa says:

      No, I have not had the chance as of yet, but it might not matter, since I am considering not bothering with it at all. I have reviewed so many bad, unproductive books lately that I might end up scrapping this one from my 50+ “books to read” list, particularly because the subject matter is about this one alleged “secret society” (which, if it is oh-so-secret, how come the Carnival of Distractions pontificates about it so much?).

      I’ve also been delaying on reading books on subjects that not only interest me but also might be helpful to political dissidents, such as books on Austrian economics and guerrilla warfare (betcha you’d never thought you’d ever hear a libertarian use those two terms in the same sentence, did ya?). I simply presented it hear because a good friend of mine brought it to my attention and insisted that I at least mention it here on the blog in the hope that someone who has a genuine interest in the subject might be more inclined to actually read the damn thing.

      Put another way, once I have nothing slightly important to do, then maybe I’ll review “Proofs of a Conspiracy.” If you prefer to beat me to the punch (by writing a guest article, perhaps?), then by all means do so; but let me be clear that after seeing and reading so much of the Carnival’s “recommended books” lists, I have little patience to wade through their muck, anymore. It is not helping me, or anyone else for that matter, secure our Liberty, and for that reason alone, I would be more than justified in completely ignoring in writing any sort of review for a book on the so-called Illuminati.

      If you doubt me on this, please read my article on the Carousel of Carnivores and pay special attention to what John Martinson, Charlie Veitch, and Claire Wolfe had to say regarding the misinformation, disinformation, and just plain waste of time too much of the alternative media is unfortunately mired in.

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