Baez v. Rudkowski (CoS-CLC Unanswered Indictment #120301)

The following is the officially released unanswered indictment from the Committee of Safety – Common Law Court in the matter of Louis Baez v. Lukaz Rudkowski. On December 10th, 2012, the Grand Jury found probable cause on 5 counts against Luke Rudkowski. When reading this summary as well as the actual document itself, please keep in mind that Baez is the Accuser and that Rudkowski is the Accused.



Count 1: Fraud – The Accused, under false pretenses, collected monies from individuals who were led to believe that the donations were going to be allocated towards the 9/11 first responders’ medical expenses as well as the equipment expenses for We Are Change.

Count 2: Embezzlement – The Accused embezzled funds from donations intended for the medical expenses of 9/11 first responders as well as We Are Change equipment, into his own personal bank account between 2007 and 2009; he has collected funds exceeding $60,000 and has made large cash withdrawals nearly matching those deposits.

Count 3: Libel – The Accused repeatedly damaged the reputations of those individual members of We Are Change who inquired into the accounting (as required by their own Code of Conduct) by insinuating that those members work for the government as well as answering direct questions in a deceptive manner.

Count 4: Extortion – The Accused has deceived the We Are Change membership about the organization’s legal status, and raised money on a false pretext.

Count 5: Fraud – The Accused solicited for donations intended for a legal defense fund, on behalf of himself and two other We Are Change members, and retained all of the contributions after the charges that warranted the legal defense fund were dropped.


[Download PDF]

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