One of the key attributes of responsible adults is a sense of direction over their own lives. Meaning is determined by individuals regarding the purpose of their own existence. Self-determination necessarily entails choosing what you think is best for your own life regardless of what other people feel you should be doing with it.



I remember since my earliest childhood that my penultimate goal was to escape from my family of origin. That was my sole aim for many years and was the precious focus for that portion of my life. How I eventually settled upon doing that (after discarding other escape options) was to buy a van and travel cross-country, at night sleeping in the back of it. I would have mobility and my living costs would approximate those of the homeless, except that I would have a roof over my head (albeit, a car roof). I had already apprenticed as a general contractor’s assistant, so I was confident (in hindsight, foolishly so) that I would be able to be financially self-reliant. As the years passed by, I would refine and tweak the details, but I ended up abandoning the project when I courted my wife during our college years.

What I really wanted was to be left alone so I could have the freedom and liberty to do whatever I desired. I wanted the ability to travel, trade, and try all sorts of things without having to take precautions (even if they were seemingly unnecessary at the time) on the off chance that I’ll get “caught,” whether figuratively in terms of phony moral approbation by the herds of tax cattle (who, ironically, all hate each other), or literally by agents of the State who’d be more than happy to throw me into a cage, if given half a chance. Although I know such expectations of mine are unrealistic given the current situation (part of which stems from the exaltation of statism), I still desire the ability to exercise my own self-determination without having to be arbitrarily punished for it.

I was always denounced by my family for being a black sheep. Having an independent mind is just about as dangerous as openly carrying a firearm in that you are perceived incorrectly as a threat to innocent people. One of the major reasons I incrementally defooed (that is, permanently cut off all contact with my family of origin) was because they were constantly denigrating anything I ever wanted to attempt; innovation and experimentation can never survive (much less thrive) under a seriously deprecating environment like that. I remember my older sister telling me anytime I wanted to even simply try anything, that I must go ask Mom for permission. “Don’t go off doing stuff on your own!” she’d constantly tell me, as if I needed to shoulder that additional burden on top of my unchosen positive obligation to “obey my parents in all that was not sinful.”

I’m so sick of artificially induced limits. I experienced it plenty when I was a defenseless kid, and I even experience it now (albeit to a dramatically less intense degree) as a responsible adult in the face of the State. While I may be tempted by the allure of absolute liberty that occurs in a state of nature, my ultimate goal is to be left the fuck alone. Then, and only then, can I be truly free to do anything.

If government wasn’t tyrannical, and everything for the most part was okay, what would you be doing instead with your life? Put another way, once the “revolution” has been won and our liberties secured, what will you be doing with your life then? I don’t think most political dissidents ponder that at all, since their lives become consumed by the admittedly addicting activities that are singularly geared toward trying to tackle the State head-on.

I think part of it stems from the false assumption that you must get a whole lot of people to agree with you that everyone should be free before you go out and do what you really desire. But why? Why not just go ahead and achieve whatever it was that you had wanted to do despite whatever the collectivist horde manically attempts to impose upon you? Isn’t the philosophy of liberty all about the individual anyway? Where did this collectivist notion of freedom and liberty come from, anyway? The Patriot Rockstars, perhaps?

Similarly, there is also the erroneous assumption that the cause for liberty and freedom is somehow an end in and of itself, instead of as a means towards something else. While I understand that getting the population on your side is indispensably essential to the success of any cause (according to guerrilla warfare theory), I think this too suffers from the sin of misplaced emphasis. I’ve seen entire lives destroyed because those dissidents had no sense of balance regarding pushing the cause for Liberty forward and what individually they desired independent of the infowar. So, ask yourselves, where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? 20? The rest of your life?

Naysayers abound in our lives. Just because they are uncommitted failures with respect to their various past endeavors, they think that imparts onto them some sort of alleged authority over you because of their supposed “experience,” hence (as the fallacious reasoning goes) you should honor them with unearned respect. Shortening the learning curve is one thing, but demoralizing the entrepreneurial from the start is unconscionable. Life is too short to sacrifice your desires upon the altar of other peoples’ failures.

As long as you study and train for what you want to do, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why you can’t amass the resources (financial and material) needed to make that thing happen. “Limits” are really only in your mind, and the richness of this physical reality actually allows for a quite a bit of flexibility if you just know where to look and how to bend it. I think that you should squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of every day. You are the captain of the ship that is your own life. Only you determine its ultimate course.

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