EXCLUSIVE: Truth Finders Network is Now Defunct!

Earlier this month, Glenn Horowitz admitted that Truth Finders Network (TFN), an Internet radio live-stream webcast, “has been abandoned by its founders.” Horowitz went on to say that he and the other TFN hosts “have no control as long as they retain the accounts.” It is not even possible for Horowitz to “upload even archive links anymore.”




I must admit I am not at all surprised that TFN has completely failed. Troy Wykle, a (former?) DHS agent and “Kellie” (his wife?) originally made their debut on You Have Tread on Me (YHTOM), where they portrayed themselves as political dissidents about to start up their own live-stream podcasting website that would host a plethora of broadcasts. Unfortunately, Kellie made it a habit to intentionally disrupt several of her own hosts’ simulcasts, including two later episodes of YHTOM (as well as The Last Bastille Podcast #50 – Firearms). Most of the time, TFN’s show schedule is empty with nothing on the live stream except random country music. Ultimately, I think they failed because they pandered to conspiratainment and allowed themselves to get sucked into the Carnival of Distractions that only serves to derail activists from effectively securing their Liberties.

Were Troy and Kellie useful idiots or controlled opposition? Frankly, it doesn’t matter because the result is the exactly the same. Worst case scenario, they accomplished their mission objectives for the Establishment and have since disappeared in order to prepare for their next undercover op; best case scenario, they were completely incompetent and, lacking proper direction, they decided to pack up shop and ship off into the sunset. Either way, the rest of the Patriot Community is left holding the bag, abandoned to playing the tango two-step with the secret police, as well as resisting the rest of the enemy rebel government.

According to Horowitz, the remaining TFN hosts are attempting to regroup and get their broadcasts on WeROAR. While a cursory examination of that site does not impress me, I sincerely hope they do not crash and burn like TFN has done. Only if we are sincere about securing our Liberties will we begin to successfully set up the infrastructure that we need to begin having Victories against the Establishment.

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