Are Patriot Rockstars Being Stalked?

As if the Carnival of Distractions hasn’t made enough of a mess by getting political dissidents overly focused on potential citizen disarmament, Alex Jones (AJ) attempted to up the ante by yelling his ass off at Piers Morgan (the latter of whom is an inconsequential habitual liar for the corporate whore mainstream media from Orwellian England). AJ gave all political dissidents a bad name by asserting that “1776 WILL ARISE AGAIN IF YOU ATTEMPT TO TAKE OUR FIREARMS!!!

This is not at all how a diplomat is supposed to act; can you imagine Ben Franklin doing this in front of the British House of Commons in 1766? It was by the very fact that he carried himself so maturely that the written account of his public testimony, “The Examination of Doctor Franklin,” won him so much notoriety back in colonial America. AJ is no Ron Paul, and he is certainly no Ben Franklin; he couldn’t discredit the Patriot Community any better if he tried (or perhaps he did?).

Afterwards, AJ had one of his gullible employees, Rob Dew, film a vlog where AJ claims that he and Dew were being “spied on by Bloomberg’s undercover goons.” Regardless of the veracity of this claim (and it wouldn’t surprise me if it did turn out to be true, since AJ did act like a loon regarding gun control, unlike the more adult behavior of Larry Pratt and Joshua Boston during their respective encounters with that damn Tory), I thought some of AJ’s facial expressions from this vlog were humorously classic and very typical of him. First up, here’s an seemingly intoxicated AJ:



Next, AJ appears a bit nauseous (quick, someone pass the doggie bag):


But now, AJ is disgusted with his dismal performance (since it was all an act, right?):


Apparently, even AJ doesn’t believe what comes out of that mouth of his:


Uh-oh, now he looks like he’s gritting his teeth and getting into character in preparation for the finale:


AJ at his finest; completely pissed off and totally scary:


And my personal favorite, AJ’s feminine…erm, “sensitive” side coming out of the proverbial closet:


No doubt as you can tell he was only making some of those facial expressions because he was trying to provide a caricature of certain personality types he thinks are despotic (of course, some of those other expressions of his really are of him; I’ll leave it to you to figure out which are which).

Does it really matter whether Patriot Rockstars, or other types of political agitators, really are being stalked by teams of the “men in black?” No, either because they provided the Establishment with the necessary pretext to persecute them with impunity (like AJ did), or because they were so brazenly public about what they were doing that the enemy rebel government (and its various allies) would be retarded not to seize the opportunity and “strike the fear of God in their hearts.” Perhaps most of the rest of us need to stop paying attention to what is on the latest news cycle (even from the alternative media) and focus more on what we really need to be doing.

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