EXCLUSIVE RAW STORY: SWAT Team Raids Home, Wheels Grandmother Into the Rain

The following story as provided to The Last Bastille Blog is from an eyewitness. Please keep in mind that this story is still developing and any updates to it will be posted here on the blog.



On Saturday, January 26th of 2013, the Maricopa County Sheriff‘s SWAT Team raided a private home in Aguila, AZ (which is 85 miles northwest of Phoenix). They arrived at the suspect’s home, but he wasn’t there. What the sheriff’s office wanted him for is unconfirmed at this time.


Two armored SWAT vans with gun turrets aimed at the house (so as to provide cover for the entry team) were on the scene. Three SUV’s were on site as well. More than a dozen officers were all kitted up in body armor and also appear to be carrying semi-automatic rifles.


When the SWAT team knocked on the door and asked if anyone was home, the suspect’s elderly grandmother told the officers that she was home alone. The SWAT team then proceeded to enter, although they didn’t break down the front door.


Next, the SWAT team can be seen here taking the wheelchair bound grandmother (despite her yelling protests) out of her home into the drizzling rain, without any sort of jacket or rain protection whatsoever. Even though an ambulance was on site, SWAT officers instead took her to a SUV. After they removed her from her own home, the SWAT team cleared the house, yet no gunfire resulted.


The photographer was noticed by SWAT officers, who then ordered him to go back inside his own home.


Again, I will reiterate that any more information beyond what is mentioned here is, at this point, elusive and fairly sketchy, but an investigation is currently underway so as to determine what exactly occurred here.

Apparently, with this show of force, you have the choice to either submit (and be arrested) or die.

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8 Responses to EXCLUSIVE RAW STORY: SWAT Team Raids Home, Wheels Grandmother Into the Rain


  2. Boyd White says:

    What do these people produce? Nothing. Are they protecting society? Or are they suppressing the liberty of a citizen? If the government makes a law against the “harvesting of rainwater” and a citizen refuses to comply would that citizen face this same show of force? So what is driving this SWAT team? Is it a collection of citizens coming together to protect their community? I don’t think so. What is driving this SWAT team is their paychecks. The funding of Big Government is their ability to issue Treasury bonds indebting future generations, creating an unlimited supply of fiat dollars, to pay these unthinking automatons. It is high time to take away Big Governments capability to fund such tyranny: “The laws of a country ought to be the standard of equity, and calculated to impress on the minds of the people the moral as well as the legal obligations of reciprocal justice. But tender laws, of any kind, operate to destroy morality, and to dissolve, by the pretense of law, what ought to be the principle of law to support, reciprocal justice between man and man: and the punishment of a member who should move for such a law ought to be death.” – Thomas Paine, On Government – The Affairs of the Bank – and Paper Money (1786)

  3. lynn says:

    I replyed to this site about the drug dealer and thief they were arresting and gathering evidence but you were to bias or racist to publish it. If you are going to report something tell the whole truth and stop supporting the criminals of this community.

    • sleepysalsa says:


      As the disclaimer to the story states:

      “The following story as provided to The Last Bastille Blog is from an eyewitness. Please keep in mind that this story is still developing and any updates to it will be posted here on the blog.”

      You seem to conjecture that whom the Maricopa County Sheriff were after was genuinely guilty of something; such a fact has not been established to my knowledge at this time. The focus of the story that I did publish was about their conduct during the raid.

      If you have solid proof regarding any aspect of this story, I wish you would share it with me, instead of baselessly asserting that I am “too biased or racist to publish” your speculative comments. I don’t appreciate the ad hominem fallacy, and you shouldn’t either.

  4. Lynn says:

    Everyone in this town knows why this raid happened—Can you say drug dealer, and all you have to do is to look for the warrent and arrest record. Yes the wheeled chaired lady was taken out of her house, for her own safety while the officers looked for the dealer and the drugs, did they arrest her? NO, They put her into a heated vehicle, she did not need an ambulance, she was not injured. Again I challenge you to allow this to be shown on this blog. No need to reply if you are unable to open your mind to a different point of view on this subject.

    • sleepysalsa says:

      There might be “illicit” drugs involved in the attempted arrest. More than likely, something had to be done to apprehend the subject.

      However, let’s look at tactics — which is what this article, from an eyewitness account — is about. If they wanted to arrest the subject, wouldn’t it make sense to put him under surveillance — so that they knew if he was on the property, or not? After all, Maricopa County Sheriff’s office is about 85 miles from this location. To send all of the men and equipment that distance, not even knowing if the subject was home, is a waste of resources and money.

      The terror tactics employed by the government are the focus of this blog and are of far more concern than a drug dealer. Just think, two men staking him out and finding an opportunity to make the arrest, or, if need be, call in the SWAT (over twenty people involved) so that they don’t waste time and gas traveling to Aguila to find a little old lady in the house.

      Next, why would it be necessary to remove a handicapped person from the comfort of her home? Is it because they didn’t know if the subject was there, or not? Why didn’t they know? Or, are they too caught up in playing “special forces” — the whole “get Bin Ladin” mentality, if you will — to really give a damn about what the citizen is being subjected to and any hardship they may create?

      I suppose the question back to you is, do we really want to evolve into a police state?

      Perhaps you should read about what happened in Pasco County, FL – http://www2.tbo.com/news/pasco/2013/feb/08/2/elderly-pasco-couple-says-swat-team-mistakenly-sto-ar-629056/

  5. Chuck says:

    Yes they are scoundrels, these are my mothers neighbors.

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