Warfare State

Imperialistic wars of aggression are the State at its finest. In one arena, you have the central bankers exercising their monopoly over the issuance of currency and credit, giving more and more loans to the government; in another, the corporatists are selling incredibly expensive high-tech equipment to the military, with very little competition, thanks to government regulation. The only reason to whip up war hysteria, via the corporate whore media, is to propagandize the parents of those who are within fighting age to go fight and die for the State; other than that, the government and its various special interest cronies can (and do) run their games of military conquest without appealing to the hapless citizenry, because they simply do not need them.

At the root of it, though, are all three branches of the federal government; the Congress either fails to formally declare war (as required by the Constitution) or tacitly consents to whatever the President wants to do. The Executive Office of the President has been formally and informally endowed with such incredible powers that it dwarfs the European monarchs of old, and the Supreme Court either refuses to hold the other two branches accountable for their unconstitutional violations, or worse, tacitly consents to whatever the Congress or President wants to do. This unmitigated tyranny is ironically accomplished through a paradoxical combination of systematic acquiescence and deliberate corruption.

It isn’t just the neocons that are the problem, but also the liberal statists who flippantly acquiesced to whatever the chicken-necked war hawks wanted to do, lest they be perceived by some as being “too soft.” This is why the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq lasted as long as it did, and why the undeclared War in Afghanistan is still ongoing today. Keep in mind though, all of this is happening without a formal declaration of war from the Congress, which is unconstitutional on its face, and thus is worthy of punishment for those who “authorized” these travesties upon the property, liberty, and lives of foreigners (and even against some of the domestic citizenry alike). What is it going to take, to paraphrase Adam Kokesh, to understand that the enemies of the old Republic are not to be found in the sands of some far off land, but right here at home?

You cannot be fiscally conservative and enthusiastically support these imperialistic wars of aggression. While it is true that conservative statists will cite the federal domestic spending on social insurance schemes and welfare entitlement benefits as exceeding that of total military spending, what they oh-so-conveniently neglect to mention is that total military spending has increased exponentially at least since 2000, from ~ $300,000,000,000 to over $700,000,000,000. How does a steady increase of $400,000,000,000 over 10 years fit any notion of fiscal conservatism? If anything, it would seem to indicate that the chicken hawks are just as conspicuous consumers of central banking like their liberal statist counterparts seem to be, at least in principle.

What of the devastation in the countries that experienced the wars firsthand? Body counts for the Iraqi invasion and subsequent occupation range from 111,152 – 121,465 people. The death toll for Afghans is worse in one sense because it is so imprecise; the most accurate figures currently available suggest that between 15,500 – 17,400 civilians were killed by coalition forces over the past ten years. Depleted uranium rounds affect all humans in, and adjacent to, the battlefield. After experiencing the house of horrors that was Abu Gharib, is it any wonder that foreigners the world over look upon the notion of American Exceptionalism with suspicion? Who, in good conscience, could blame them?

Consider also all the soldiers who aren’t killed in action; when they come back stateside, what becomes of them? The suicide rate for returning veterans, as of 2012, averaged one a day. Soldiers who have been deployed overseas during the past 6 years have a 20 % chance of being diagonosed with PTSD (that’s 300,000 plus service members experiencing nightmarish flashbacks on a regular basis). In 2011, returning veterans had an unemployment rate of 30.4%. Such does not bode well for these former soldiers at all.

What if it had been Americans on the receiving end of imperialistic occupation? Just as Ron Paul said in his now legendary “Imagine” speech, what if Texas was invaded and occupied by the Chinese Communists? Would the “insurgents” be justified in defending their homes and communities against a criminal aggressor that could literally care less about their families, property, or liberty? Or would they be considered as “freedom fighters” by those living in the unoccupied “free America” areas outside of Texas? Might the other 49 states of the Union just might consider sending aid and supplies to the Texan resistance? How would this be any different from Allied assistance towards the Maquis in France during the last world war?

But if you were to believe the chicken hawks (none of whom ever had to dodge a bullet in their lives), you’d think that just because they’ve illegally declared the enemy to be brown-skinned heathens (because they worship a different, albeit monotheistic, deity than most Americans do), then of course they must be evil and somehow vindictive towards American Exceptionalism, right? Can’t possibly bear the thought that they just might be a tad bit ticked off at having to deal with multi-national conglomerates ruining their nation. Is it possible they simply want to be left alone in order to determine, on their own merits, what they want to develop into without undue influence and pressure on their natural folkways? Banish the thought!

It should become apparent to anyone now that it matters not whether authoritarian communists or totalitarian fascists inhabit the White House or the United States Capitol; the Establishment always remains in power. There are no exceptions to this rule. You cannot “infiltrate” the State and turn it against itself. Arguably, the best attempt at doing just this were Ron Paul’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns; and he failed, miserably. Despite running on a firm antiwar stance that served as the third key pillar of his platform, Dr. Paul still could not secure the GOP nomination both times, despite his well-known popularity amongst the grassroots.

Sincere liberal statists would have to agree that the Tyrant-in-Chief lied about bringing the troops home, and thus it should come as no surprise to anyone that significant portions of these folks supported Ron Paul, if for no other reason than his promise to permanently end the military adventures abroad, should he be elected. Some have speculated that even if President Paul had initiated recalling the troops stateside, it wouldn’t have mattered, for either the bankers or the corporatists (perhaps both) wouldn’t hesitate to assassinate the good doctor. Unfortunately, we’ll never know that for certain.

Some think that if you resist war taxes, regardless of your specific political ideology, then at least you can be an effective activist. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially if you understand economics. As former Federal Reserve Bank of New York Chairman Beardsley Rumi said:

“The dollars the government spends become purchasing power in the hands of the people who have received them. The dollars the government takes by taxes cannot be spent by the people, and, therefore, these dollars can no longer be used to acquire the things which are available for sale. Taxation is, therefore, an instrument of the first importance in the administration of any fiscal and monetary policy.”


In other words, the government doesn’t even need taxation; it can fund most of its tyrannical actions through debt and inflation, both of which are conducted by the central bank anyway. One of the brighter pupils in the class would ask, at this point, that if the government technically doesn’t need taxes, then why does it have a tax code that it enforces upon the overall population in the first place? Perhaps more importantly, if all of those monies aren’t being allocated towards domestic spending (whether they be applied to physical infrastructure, social insurance scams, or welfare benefit entitlement schemes), then where does the tax money go? Mostly, it ends in up in the hands of the bankers, for the ostensible reason of paying the interest on the national debt that was incurred when those congresscritters wanted something for nothing, and all they got for nothing was less than nothing.

While resisting paying taxes is good in principle, it is currently little more than a diversion intended to stir up deep seated emotional reactions towards systematic property theft (which interestingly enough, are curiously absent when it comes to debt and inflation), the effects of which have been used to divert the necessary energies for securing our Liberties towards a specific effort that, at best, can only offer marginal successes (if that), and at worst, steer necessarily finite labors away from those other things that can actually have a realistic chance of permanent success.

If elections and tax resistance are not going to cut it, then what will work in stopping the imperialistic wars of aggression? At this late hour, unfortunately, nothing less than a completely dedicated widespread effort at regaining control of the current governmental structure from outside the mainline political process is going to work. The corporate war profiteers and psychopathic authoritarian statists have so firmly entrenched themselves, using both the soft and hard powers of the State, that treating the wars as if it were a single item political issue is already doomed to failure from the start. Fundamentally, the wars are systematic and interwoven with other control mechanisms (such as fractional reserve lending), so even if you oppose their actions on principle, they still retain the forceful coercion of government to make you complicit, one way or another.

So, how does one get started with an all out effort to “take our country back?” I would suggest taking some relatively small, yet significant, steps at the beginning. First, never voluntarily join the military; if the costs of being chronically unemployed, suffering from PTSD, or meeting the Almighty a whole lot sooner than you would have liked isn’t sufficient reason for you, then you should also consider the fact that you are morally culpable for your own individual actions during your tour(s) of duty, even if you were “just following orders.” If you are already a veteran, then I most strongly implore you to find liberty loving Americans and teach them how to defend themselves using the skills you learned in the military, preferably working them up to the point where they become proficient in small unit tactics (whether you do this on a pro bono basis, or for a nominal fee, is your choice).

Second, I must insist that you study how to conduct a “people’s war.” Many libertarians, especially, misunderstand how (counter) revolutions work, or what is needed to actually make them happen. What they fail to realize is that the right of revolution is the foundational basis for the civil disobedience they revere so much; guerrilla warfare is the next rational step once the Law has failed to secure our property and liberty, because partial or universal plunder reigns supreme through the coercive arbitrary edicts from the State. Any government that is powerful enough to commit democide against foreign nations with impunity, is also powerful enough to commit democide against you and your family, by first depriving you of your property, then your liberty, and eventually your life; and worst of all, they can choose to do it any damn time they wish.

The imperialistic wars of aggression by the military-industrial complex are immoral, illegal, and totally destructive not only to those foreigners physically affected by it, but also to our very way of life right here at home. It is a mockery of the philosophy of Liberty, of any sense of justice, or even of common decency. Nobody who claims to be a follower of Christic principles (or who otherwise tries to be morally straight) is able to remain faithful or good if they don’t oppose, in some way, the absolute domination of other peoples that is committed in their name. Now is the time to make a choice as to where you stand during this on-going process of making history that we all participate in.

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