Welcome to OPF Radio!

The following is an announcement about a new series brought to you by the Outpost of Freedom.



Welcome to Outpost of Freedom Radio. OPF Radio is a merger between YHTOM Radio (that is, You Have Tread on Me) and Outpost of Freedom Radio, which aired for five years in the mid-’90s. It is bringing the resources of the two and is formatted to be unique in the Patriot Community.

We are currently working out the bugs and technical glitches inherent in Internet radio and expect to have our first program to air on January 7th, 2013. The broadcasts will be on Monday evenings, and will air live, beginning at 6 pm Pacific and 9pm Eastern, in an effort to facilitate those living on both coasts and in the middle of this great nation. Initially, the programs will be live every other week, though we will go weekly shortly thereafter.

Notices will be sent out, giving both date and subject, through the OPF Radio mail list. To join the list, use the button on the right of the screen, or send an email to opfradio@outpost-of-freedom.com. We look forward to having you in our first audience on January 7th.

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