How to Talk to a Cop…If You Want To (OPF Radio)

I hosted this OPF Radio 3/18/13 broadcast about surviving police encounters. It is now available as a free downloadable podcast (Backup copy).



Episode Description

Professional police first appeared in America almost a half-century after the ratification of the Constitution. The Framers had contemplated enforcement of the Law as the duty of private citizens, with few constables and sheriffs on the side who could be called upon when necessary. Modern policing would be regarded by the Framers as abhorrent to the fundamental principles of republicanism, especially considering how the growth of militarized police has permanently expanded the centralized power of the State.

Historically, patriots have been particularly concerned about the behavior of the government’s foremost agents in the field. Thus, it would behoove everyone within the Patriot Community to learn how to diplomatically interact with officers, by following some “rules of the road” so as to retain what liberty we have left. Tonight, we will be discussing how to handle police interrogations and what you need to do in order to turn these involuntary encounters around in your favor.

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