Ron Paul, Inc. is Scamming Libertarians…Again

Apparently, it would seem to be the case that Ron Paul, Inc. is still trying to jip the Ron Paul Refugees out of what relatively few Federal Reserve Notes they were lucky enough to acquire (as if completely scamming over $40,000,000 from them this past electoral cycle wasn’t enough). Due to Dr. Paul’s last upsurge of popularity amongst political dissidents by calling the US Congress a bunch of “psychopathic authoritarians” in his farewell speech on the House floor, the Ludwig von Mises Institute is now selling the transcript of that speech for $2.95. What the hell gives!?



Look, the Mises Institute has done some terrific work teaching anyone who is willing to learn about the Austrian school of economics, but the sycophantic “bromance” ramblings of Lew Rockwell and Walter Block has got to stop! The utter lies about the “success” of their Messiah is getting rather old, and is tarnishing the otherwise noteworthy reputation of the Mises Institute. I am so sick and tired of those do-nothing, gutless ivory-tower “free-market” academics who endlessly proselytize about freedom, and think that by itself is going to eventually solve the incessant problem of tyranny.

Railing against the Federal Reserve for years on end isn’t going to bring about its abolishment, and will certainly not help you when one of those damn flatfoots coercively pulls you over for a “traffic stop.” Seriously, isn’t it about time that libertarians had some good role models who weren’t either Messiahs or Patriot Rockstars? How about what Samuel Konkin, Larken Rose, or even Gary Hunt have been advocating? Why can’t the Rothbardians who claim to hate the State seriously contemplate for more than two minutes about successfully working outside the mainline political process? For goodness sakes, Murray Rothbard the “anarchist” was one of the biggest proponents of the Libertarian Party! Is it me, or I am expecting too much when it comes to consistency on a fairly basic level, especially by insisting that there cannot be a divorce between ends and means?

Why won’t the Patriot Rockstars within the Carnival of Distractions allow serious (and very badly needed) discussions about the necessity of working completely outside of the Establishment‘s authoritarian system of oppression and control? Why has SEK3 been ignored for over 20 years? Why has Mr. Rose been treated horrendously when he tried to broach the issue of under what conditions should any of us shoot a cop? Why does everyone else except Gary Hunt absolutely refuse to even propose a sound business plan (of sorts) to restore constitutional government?

I think the real entrepreneurs and non-corporate businessmen of the actual free-market need to teach a lesson to whichever joker at the Mises Institute thought it was a sound decision to exploitatively sell this frankly worthless speech (by none other than an agent of the State, I may add). Let’s show these otherwise well-meaning closeted economists just how commercial dynamics truly work in the marketplace of values, and we can start by showing consumers of alternative media that the an exact transcript of that speech is available for free (alternatively, for the non-literary inclined, you watch the entire speech instead).

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