Alex Jones & the Militia

Enjoy another meme I made, courtesy of Quickmeme.


Non-Violent Militias

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3 Responses to Alex Jones & the Militia

  1. Freedom Fighte says:

    Good job! I’ve often wondered why he supports the 2nd Amendment, yet advocates 100% non-violence. Shit will hit the fan, which I believ will require We the People to take up arms and sling lead. When that time comes I don’t doubt Jones will be sceaming for the People to lay down their arms

    • sleepysalsa says:

      Well, the weird thing about it is that he didn’t used to, which is why all the Twilight Zone Militia guys used to like him, like Mark Koerkne, but even Koerkne had to turn his back on Jones, and I can’t say I blame him, despite his own history.

      The point of this meme was to demonstrate the hypocritical contradictions AJ now makes in his rhetoric, which is so blatant even I couldn’t turn a blind eye to them anymore. How can he be the “tip of the spear” if he can’t even form a cogent argument?

      Needless to say, there are more AJ memes on the way. Had he actually maintained what integrity he had left by not boot-licking the Paul family of con-artists (who made out like bandits from the 2012 presidential electoral campaign) and also by encouraging his listeners to not crave a fetish for reformism (that is, working within the system), I would have left it alone. But I can’t anymore because my Liberty is at stake, and I don't want AJ, or any of the other Patriot Rockstars, to speak for me or “represent” me in any way, even by loose ideological association.

  2. Matthew says:

    Oh and while I preach the constitution I won’t mention anything about civil authority and how there is no constitutional militia anywhere in this country besides the select/organized militia who are sent over seas to fight undeclared war. Oh it was declared because the president declared it and congress acquiesced.

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