Alex Jones is Clueless How to “Wake Up” Anyone

This one has been a long time coming, courtesy of Quickmeme.


Wake People Up

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2 Responses to Alex Jones is Clueless How to “Wake Up” Anyone

  1. Matthew says:

    Is there an article out there detailing ideas on the process, also there was an article you mentioned earlier to me but it got lost in my mind haha if its fresh in yours and you remember what I failed to than let me know

    • sleepysalsa says:

      There’s really only two; one is the transcript of a vlog from back in my time on BoobTube, and the other is a transcript of a Foamy the Squirrel cartoon. Even though I think these two sources come the closest to explaining the phenomenon, my own conclusion is that it is so vague and ambiguous that you could subjectively ascribe any sort of characteristics to it and you would never be wrong (well, at least until such time you butt heads with a fellow “awakened” acolyte who happens to disagree with your opinion). Ultimately, I think the entire concept is fallacious; it would be better to explain the process of coming to grips with the current situation we are all suffering under as moving towards the right side of the other (not so) thin line.

      1. “Waking Up & Staying Awake” –

      2. “Fake Awake” –

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