Alex Jones is Not a Warrior for Humanity

Methinks I savor exposing hypocrisy, courtesy of Quickmeme.


Cowardly Warrior

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4 Responses to Alex Jones is Not a Warrior for Humanity

  1. Freedom Fighte says:

    You’re correct there, buddy! He talks a tough talk, but won’t walk the walk. Additionally, there’s no doubt he’ll run and hide, thinking the government will be searching for him. The fact is, he is merely helping them achieve their goal of instilling fear in the minds of the people. By doing this the public will be easier to control.

    • Matthew says:

      Alex jones and all others like him only serve to stir the whirlpool which is the middle of “the other not so thin line” pushing people either towards the left or right. weather or not they decide for themselves to do the homework and research will determine if they find themselves at sites like this and OPF.

      Where ever you live, begin speaking with people in your community. I hope you’ve been around this blog and and, if you are here than I assume that you have visited those 2 sites if not I would strongly suggest it.

    • sleepysalsa says:

      I don’t think it’s so much a matter of running and hiding as it is a contradiction on his part that he thinks warriorship is shouting at people. This is the same guy who thinks that an infowar BY ITSELF it going to “solve everything” by “waking up” the people, or some such nonsense.

      You are absolutely correct that his role is to scare the living shit out of his audience. Even Alan Watt mentioned once that you’d be quivering under the table after listening to AJ for 15 minutes because his method of delivery, his presentation of the material, is like a machine gun in that it is so rapid your brain can’t even process the full ramifications of what he is yelling at the top of his lungs about.

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