A Revelation of the Method

If you haven’t yet readWhen Patriot Rockstars Go Bad,” and Conspiratainment,” please do so before continuing. This article is, more or less, the concluding installment to my series about the feud between Mark Dice and Alex Jones.



A term that has been used by conspiracists (which they attribute to Freemasonry) is what they call the revelation of the method. This method is described thusly:


“It is risky to reveal to the people what has been done to them by the gangster class that lords it over them. Patently, in the wake of the revelation, the risk is one of reprisal, retribution and rage by the people. But where there is little or none of that, then the Cryptocracy has tripled its hold on the minds and hearts of Americans…[t]his non-reaction tends to demonstrate that the people of the US accept, at the subliminal level of their consciousness, that their own leaders are mass murderers of their fellow citizens, and mostly what they do in return is shake it off and head to the mall.”


In other words, it is an counter-intuitive reaction to a horrid admission of guilt. Analogously, it could be described like:


“It is as if a bank robber were to stand in the town square and declare, ‘I robbed your bank.’ He then provides the citizens of the town with the phone number of the sheriff’s office and makes himself available for arrest. Rather than call the sheriff, the people are shocked, awed, confused and deranged by the audacity of the robber. The next day dawns and finds the bank robber now an official at the bank. The people recall something peculiar and vaguely sinister about him. An eccentric schoolteacher, along with the village idiot and the town drunk proclaim the new bank official to be the crook who robbed the bank. The citizens aren’t sure and the bank robber himself flatly declares that it was a dark-skinned foreigner with a large mustache who robbed the bank. The robber makes no reference whatsoever to his previous day’s confession and takes up his official duties at the bank with aplomb. Gradually, as the citizens patronize the bank as usual, and the robber continues as an official of the bank and warns the citizens that if they do not support him the bank will be robbed again, the citizens of the town become slightly deranged, exhibiting characteristics of paralytic apathy, amnesia and abulia and suffering from ‘mysterious terrors.’”


Normally, this allegedly Masonic term is used by conspiracists to describe an attribute of the Establishment (such as predictive programming, the Hegelian dialectic, or the left-right paradigm), but I would like to instead use it here to describe a “look behind the curtain” (as it were) of the Carousel of Carnivores.

No doubt many of you were already aware of the “beef” between Mark Dice and Alex Jones (AJ), but I would bet that what many of you don’t know is that it has been resolved. How did this happen, and what are the implications of it? We should first examine some of Mr. Dice’s statements about AJ back when he was still exposing and ridiculing his former role model.

Adam Kokesh interviewed Mr. Dice about AJ back on October 8th of 2012. During that interview, Dice introduced his feud with AJ thusly:


“Alex Jones is a cult of personality, one of the biggest figures in the supposed Truth Movement (the 9/11 conspiracy genre), and he has a lot of fans, a lot of followers. I used to be one of them, and in my opinion, over the last year, year and a half, I just started seeing him in a different light. I started seeing him really sensationalize things that I knew weren’t true. I started seeing him stop selling DVDs, and start selling vitamins (what I call a Kool-Aid drink), his Tangy Tangerine which contains mercury and arsenic right there on the nutrition label, and I was so shocked man, and so, I started seeing him, in my opinion, I believe, become more sensationalistic, hyping up BS that wasn’t true to get web hits to the site, to just continue this conspiracy shock-jock radio show that he does, and as a media analyst, I confirm and debunk certain things, and analyze and study how media affects our culture, our beliefs, our perceptions… I would be doing them [the audience] a disservice if I did not hold Alex Jones to the same scrutiny as I hold to others.”


Essentially, what Dice was detailing here was little more than a regurgitation of the video description for “Alex Jones: Make a Million Dollars a Year Selling My Vitamins” (which has since been deleted, but only available now thanks to its being mirrored, interestingly enough). In an attempt to explain why AJ seems to have changed so much for the worse, Dice said:


“I think, didn’t Nietzsche said ‘If you stare into the abyss too long, you become the abyss?’ And so I think it is a combination of business practices, sensationalistic radio shock-jock, and, in my opinion, a little bit of, quite a bit of, insanity. Literal paranoid insanity from staring into the abyss too long.”


He seems to be arguing that AJ went nuts because he was “inside the enemy’s mind” too long, but is that a cop out? Dice also offers this other explanation:


“I have a bachelor’s degree in communication, I’ve studied mass media for years in college, and I remember a case called, an instance, something called mean world syndrome, that is a phenomenon or perception issue that occurs when somebody watches too much negative news. It literally warps your worldview because it bombards your mind…even your ‘local’ news, you turn it on and its the top story – a child drowned in a pool, some neighbor raped somebody, there’s been a shooting (da, da, da, da), and that’s why I don’t think I could be a reporter for any mainstream channel, like I wanted to be in college, until I realized what a deceptive, disgusting, propaganda mechanism it is. Yes, there is plenty of terrible things out there in the world, but because of this age of communication, we can see things and know about things that actually literally don’t affect us; it’s terrible, it’s tragic (such as a two-year-old runs out into the street and gets hit by a car, there’s a rapist down on Pacific Beach breaking in and raping; it’s terrible), but it’s not my community, it’s not my friends, there are people in that area that are dealing with that to solve that, to stop that. I think Alex Jones came down with mean world syndrome.”


So, there you have it – Mark Dice has “diagnosed” Alex Jones with mean world syndrome! All kidding aside, I do think that mean world syndrome might be one of the better unsung justifications for completely avoiding the news cycle, if there ever was one.

What was also unsettling about his interview is that Kokesh compared Dice’s disillusionment with AJ as being like what he had with Ron Paul, Inc. Suffice it so say, that other interview Kokesh did with Penny Freeman was quite eye-opening with regard to the fraud that is known as Ron Paul. Not only that, but Kokesh mentions elsewhere in his interview with Dice that AJ once asked him if he had any “blood stories” to tell him that occurred during his time of service while he was in the US Marine Corps.

One intriguing case study that Mark Dice brought up was the very strange case of JT Ready. Kokesh then referred to a vlog that Dice did on this story, the most important of which was Dice’s opening statement:


“Here is just one of many shameful examples why Alex Jones [of] Infowars.com cannot and should not be trusted as a reliable source of news. In this case, because they defended a psychopathic white supremacist murderer who killed an entire family, and then committed suicide, but then they decided to publish an article and make it look like a conspiracy [by] defending the psychopathic murderer. Oh, you don’t believe me? Here is the article title, ‘The Post Mortem Demonization of Border Guard J.T. Ready.’ And in case they scrub this article, which I’m shocked they haven’t pulled this article from the Web, here are some screenshots of the article as well, just in case they decide to delete it and shove it down the memory hole after they hear about this video.”


What is sadly ironic about this is that he ended up flushing his own vlog down the proverbial memory hole faster than the InfoWars article was pulled off the Internet (especially considering it’s still up as I write this). Not only that, but I also noticed that Dice scrubbed his own YouTube channel video archive of all the videos that either sarcastically ridiculed AJ, or seriously debunked his nonsense. I remember when he had at least two playlists dedicated to AJ, which have since been deleted. The only reason any of them survived is because of the age old YouTube practice of mirroring other user’s videos, in order to get around the soft censorship that YouTube has been caught doing in the past. Then again, why complain about soft censorship if vloggers are going to practice self-censorship anyway?

Kokesh concludes the interview by asking Mark Dice what the moral of the story here is, the lesson to be learned, as it were. Dice thinks that AJ’s operation got so huge that he needed to dramatically increase his income by pushing multilevel marketing schemes, because he took on financial commitments he couldn’t keep easily, particularly with regard to the increased office space. He thinks AJ spent beyond his means, which is especially foolish during (what is now known as) the Great Recession. Ultimately, Dice advises Kokesh’s audience to never place too much faith in any one source.

Now you may be asking at this point why I claimed earlier that the feud has been resolved. You must keep in mind that Mark Dice repeatedly claimed during the Kokesh interview that he thought AJ was not controlled opposition, but simply a useful idiot who made some bad business decisions that ultimately lead to his jumping the shark moment, which Dice considers to be when AJ began selling the Tangy Tangerine “Kool-Aid” drink mix powder, which is also laced with assorted heavy metals. Where this finally leads us is to Mark Dice’s Facebook page, where on April 12th of 2013, he writes the following:


“I have buried the hatchet with Alex Jones from Infowars. That does not mean that Infowars is a sacred cow or that I won’t critically analyze any stories they put out when I feel it’s needed (I am a media analyst after all), but consider the hatchet buried for the sake of coming together to fight the New World Order and save as many people as possible from falling into the Illuminati abyss.

“Despite my very harsh criticism of Alex in the past, he has taken the high road and today acknowledged that I do good work and gave me a shout out on his radio show for my ‘Repeal the 2nd Amendment‘ video. Looking back, I’m sure my criticism actually helped Infowars up their game and be a bit more careful about some of their stories they put out and double check their info and analysis.

“For those who don’t know, we had a little falling out a few years ago due to a misunderstanding that I then took a little too far cuz I’m a bit crazy sometimes (so is Alex for that matter) but anyway, now onto more important things and setting side personal differences for [the] sake of unifying The Resistance to fight the Illuminati and their planned destruction of our freedoms, economy, health, and peace of mind.”


So, that’s how this works, huh? As long as “we” all “come together” to supposedly “fight the New World Order,” then integrity be damned, right? It doesn’t matter that virtually nothing has been accomplished in “fighting” such a nefarious foe over the past 15 years, since “infowarriors” are nothing more than costume players; to paraphrase Paul (of the NWOisBunk channel), conspiracists view the New World Order as if it is the Legion of Doom and themselves as the Justice League (in other words, they view tyrants as if they were supervillians and themselves as if they were superheroes, which is nothing more than a fantasy). Naturally, Dice also posted on August 9th a link to an InfoWars story about his latest phony petition video. Of course, that’s considered all well and good by the Carnivores, provided they get back on The Alex Jones Show…isn’t that right, Mark Dice?

Jon Ronson shot a documentary series about American conspiracists, entitled The Secret Rulers of the World. The second episode, entitled David Icke, the Lizards, and the Jews, which originally aired on May 6th of 2001, contained this little revealing gem during Ronson’s interview with AJ:


Alex Jones: You just get tired of the real meat and potatoes, the real issues, so he’s gone for all of the ridiculous Hollywood stuff of ‘David Icke and the blood-drinking lizard people.’ So what does David Icke do? He talks about the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, these global elitists, these power structures; all real, all true, all demonstrated by bills and executive orders and Prime Ministers, Premiers, and Presidents. All real, meat and potatoes, something you can bite into, something that is easily demonstrable, and then you got David Icke at the end of all this, he says, ‘By the way, they’re blood-drinking lizards… Al Gore needs blood to drink, so does Prince Philip.’ I mean, it’s asinine, and it’s being picked up by people; and so it discredits all the reality that people are talking about. That’s the problem with David Icke: he’s got a good line to a point, and then he discredits it all. It’s like a turd in the punchbowl; that’s his job. You’ve got this nice big thing, this nice fruit punch, nice ice cubes floating around in it, and then he takes a big dump right in the middle of it, and no one is going to drink out of that punchbowl.

Jon Ronson: But is he in league with them to do that?

Alex Jones: I think he knows what he has to do in a controlled world to get away with what he is doing and being given attention. He’s either a smart, opportunist conman, or he is completely insane, or he is working for them directly, but I kinda think he’s just a conman who understands how things work and is just a real opportunist.”


Ronson has since said he warned AJ not to promote the idea that the Bohemian Grove’s mock human child sacrifices, which is a central part of the Grove’s Cremation of Care ceremony, because he would be playing with fire. According to Ronson, AJ replied that while he knew that Bohemian Grove was nothing more serious than a silly frat party, he wouldn’t tell that to his listeners. If Ronson is telling the truth, then this would mean that AJ has been corrupt since at least 2001, if not even earlier when he started broadcasting back in 1996 (what else do you expect from a guy who wrote an article in 2003 denouncing The Matrix trilogy, but uses the imagery and idioms from that film series constantly?).

There is an even deeper implication about AJ’s comments against David Icke (which I have no doubt may very well be the only time he actually told the truth about much of anything, despite the fact that David Icke later became a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show and a fellow comrade, as evidenced by their dual speaking engagement at the rallies held outside the latest Bilderburg Group meeting at the Grove Hotel in Watford, Britain). AJ’s statements could be easily made applicable against himself, as well as every other Patriot Rockstar, as being just conmen who understand how things work and are just real opportunists.

Unfortunately, considering Mark Dice’s grievous flip-flop as an attempt to get back into AJ’s good graces (coupled with the self-censorship of his videos detailing AJ’s malfeasance), I hate to say that now Dice has willfully chosen to join the ranks of the Carousel of Carnivores. It was one thing for me to tolerate his bigotry against queer marriage or his Christian fundamentalism, but flip-flopping about AJ was the last straw for me. Integrity and consistency have to mean something, even when it requires me to tolerate things I don’t like.

The Carousel is a good ol’ boys club that Mark Dice has chosen to kowtow to, plain and simple. If that is the case, then what does it remind you of? Isn’t that what comprises the Establishment itself? As George Carlin put it, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!”

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2 Responses to A Revelation of the Method

  1. Freedom Fighte says:

    Good article with good points. I am a fan of Mark; I’ve read some of literature and I subscribe to his channel. He has a tendency to rant and stray into odd topics, but nonetheless he drives home a good point. That is…. when he eventually gets to the point.

    • sleepysalsa says:

      Thank you for your support, but I must pose to you a few questions:

      1) What “good points” does Mark Dice have to offer?

      2) Is there anything he’s done that has actually helped anybody (besides offering a chuckle from one of his fake petition videos)?

      3) Would you be willing to try and recruit Mark Dice into a group of yours, had he lived wherever you are?

      4) Why do you choose to increase your opportunity costs by wasting your time on his garbage, despite all the evidence laid out here about his serious lack of integrity?

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